Thursday, April 4, 2024

Ornery Literary Services Update


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I am open to new editing projects in April.

Hello everyone,

I am a very nitpicky but never harsh line editor and proofreader. I will scour your document for comma conundrums, grammar gremlins, and tricky typos. I'm not a dev editor, but I will point out areas that could benefit from rephrasing or clarifying. I keep my eyes open for the sort of thing where the writer knows exactly what's going on but doesn't quite explain it to the reader. Of course, I never make gaffes like that. My writing is always perfectly clear and never includes too much backstory or anything of that nature because I am literary perfection personified!

My fee is $1 per page. My dumb sense of humor is an additional service I offer free of charge. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me, and we will work something out. 

I aim for fast turnaround times, but I also want to be thorough. A 50,000-word manuscript will take approximately ten business days to complete. For works longer than 20,000 words, I will edit your first chapter free of charge so you can decide whether I'm a good fit for you. I can either edit one chapter at a time, or you can send me the complete manuscript. It's your choice.

Please email me at or to request service. I have many years of experience editing what may be the worst writing in existence (mine). Surely, I can help you with yours!

I still do book reviews free of charge, but my availability is extremely limited. In exchange, I would appreciate you spreading the word about me. I can't guarantee a five-star review, but it is rare for me to give less than three stars. You can do a search for reviews on this site to see samples of my style. I prefer to receive ARCs as a PDF, but if you only have an epub or mobi file, I can convert it to a PDF. 

For promotion, I suggest that you compare the book tour services featured at the bottom of the blog and choose one of them to work with. Their rates are reasonable, and they will get your book in front of a lot more eyes than I can as a solo blogger. Feel free to leave a comment on any recent post telling me the name of the book and who you're working with and I will sign up to help if I have availability.

I am also willing to swap a post for a post. In other words, I feature your book on this blog, and you feature one of my books on your blog. 

If you would like to do a guest post, I will need a Blogger-friendly HTML file or a media kit plus a picture of your book cover, blurb, purchase links, and an excerpt from the book. You can also include an author bio if you wish. 

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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