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Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge


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I've decided to play along with the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge this year. 

In my case, it's mostly going to be Discombobulated Writers Watching Peril. But DWWP doesn't have the same ring to it as RIP.

Maria Berg of Experience Writing created this R.I.P. bingo card to help participants pick their poison for the challenge. 

And now, I will share with you my biggest real-life mystery.

Where will I find my CPAP mask when I wake up? I take it off when I'm asleep because I hate it.

I can wear it for an hour or two at a time when I'm awake and sitting up. The instant I lie back, it puts pressure on my sinuses and the claustrophobia sets in.

There's a Readers Imbibing Peril website, but their last post was on August 29, 2022. That's all I know!

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Sitou's Journey Into the World of Emotions Book Blitz #rabtbooktours


Children’s Book, Middle Grade

Date Published: September 30, 2023


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Come along with Sitou on a magical journey of emotional discovery!

Are you ready for a magical trip through a beautiful autumn forest, where you'll learn lessons on joy, sadness, anger and fear and meet some wonderful friends? We're excited to tell you about "Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions," a captivating children's book that takes kids over seven and older on a trip of emotional discovery that changes them.

The Journey Starts with the main character Sitou, a young and sensitive girl. Sitou makes friends with a scared, talking hedgehog. As they go on a journey together, Sitou learns that even the smallest animals have their own emotions and feelings. Sitou wants to learn more about fear, sadness, joy and anger and she does.  Sitou learns to recognize and understand her own feelings and those of others as she meets different animals. The book shows in a beautiful way how important understanding and emotional intelligence are, giving young readers the tools they need to deal with their own feelings with confidence and kindness.

Interesting is that the story isn't the end of the trip! The second part of the book is a workbook "Discover for Yourself the Essence of Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Fear". The workbook has a set of interactive tasks that encourage readers to use the lessons Sitou learned on her trip in their own lives. The assignments help kids understand and deal with their feelings, which is important for their mental health.

The author really wants to make a difference in the mental and emotional health of young readers. If this book can make a child smile or help someone who is having a hard time with their feelings and emotion, it will make the author very happy and proud. Parents, guardians, teachers, and therapists are encouraged to talk to their kids,  students and clients about what's in the book. This can lead to fun and important conversations.

Why read:  "Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions"?


·         A heartwarming and interesting story for kids 7-12 years of age.

·         Shows youngsters how important emotional intelligence and kindness can be.

·         Interactive tasks reinforce what you've learned and help you grow as a person.

·         A helpful resource for parents, guardians, teachers, and therapists who want to help children's mental health and intelligence.

·         Beautiful illustrations made by an award-winning illustrator

Get a copy right away! Don't miss the chance to join Sitou and her friend the hedgehog on this touching trip. You can now buy the book "Sitou’s Journey into the World of Emotions, at  Let your child's heart be touched by the magic of emotions as they discover the beauty of the autumn forest and the depth of their own feelings.


About the Author

Linda Luchtman is a debut author from the Netherlands. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which was a hard time for many people emotionally and mentally, the story of Sitou was born, but the author put it aside to write "The Bum Biter," a sweet little book for toddlers that was only released in her private circle in the Netherlands but will be available on Amazon later this year.

It wasn't until her daughter, Lara, struggled with anxiety in 2023 that the author revisited the story of Sitou. She knew it was the perfect way to help her daughter, and it did just that. Now, Linda is on a mission to share the story to help kids and adolescents with their emotional well-being. Next to this, she has made several assignments to go along with Sitou's story to help readers connect Sitou's journey to their lives. This makes it a more interactive and meaningful experience.

Linda is not only an expert in writing. She is also an expert in instructional design and using neuroscience to create effective classrooms. She has a Master's degree in this field and has helped many teachers and trainers in universities, vocational training, and businesses. She is a certified coach and is currently seeing her first coaching clients.

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Love Deleted Excerpt and Giveaway #SilverDaggerTours


Are you sure you want to erase your love?

Love Deleted

by Paul Indigo

Genre: Women's Fiction, Light SciFi, Love Story

"A masterpiece" PH ... "Absolutely amazing" BA ... "The coolest idea ever" JK ... "Brilliant" EF ... "Not like anything else I've ever read..." AC ... "Exceptionally unique" RA ... "Good luck putting this one down" EN ... "I'm amazed it's a debut novel" KK ... "I loved it so much I'd invite the characters to dinner" BT


This is an impossible love story…

Cooper came home unexpectedly early that day. The day her world collapsed. The day she heard things she shouldn’t have. Saw things she shouldn’t have.

Now Cooper is running away. Driving recklessly. Blindly. A broken heart spiralling out of control after witnessing an earth-shattering scene.

Then Cooper discovers the website. Speaks to the doctors. Can they help her? Can they give her the treatment she desperately wants? Yes they can. They can do something mind-blowing.

They can surgically erase her love for her husband Jethro.

Only what appears to be the perfect solution sets off a devastating chain of events not only for Jethro and herself. But one also involving their teenage son Daniel in ways she can’t imagine.

A life-shattering moment. A rash decision. An easy solution. This isn’t just a love story. Not when a heart isn’t just broken, it is irreversibly silenced.

This is an impossible love story.

*Amazingly, this novel was inspired by the latest in genuine, cutting-edge medical technology.

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads




Hello and welcome to another episode of the Sue Baxter Podcast Show with your host, Sue Baxter. We look at controversial issues in the news and ask how did this happen?

Tonight is a special introductory episode we’re live streaming on YouTube and iTunes, Spotify and Facebook. You can send us your tweets, comments and emails to the links in our show notes.

Now, Dr John Applegate’s book A Mindful Reminder – The Gateway Programme Trials, has only recently been published and makes for fascinating reading. Tonight’s what if? What if it were possible to surgically delete your affections permanently for someone you love? Well in fact we know it is possible from a surgery pioneered by Dr Applegate and Dr Stewart-Way just a handful of years ago. This evening our guest is one of the co-authors of the book detailing this miracle technology. Hello Dr Applegate.


Good evening Sue.


Dr John Applegate is a behavioural psychologist specialising in phobia treatment. He teamed up with Dr Klara Stewart-Way, a highly regarded neuroscientist, to pioneer a method of PTSD treatment using a revolutionary new brain surgery called – now let me get this straight – Fluorogenetic Synaptic Deletion – which they simply call The Gateway Programme. Did I say that correctly?




I gather The Gateway Programme is a kind of brain surgery. Tell us about it.


Thank you Sue. Yes, The Gateway Programme is an advanced form of optogenetics we call Flurogenetics as you mentioned in your introduction. Before you ask what optogenetics is, I’ll admit it sounds like something to do with the eyes doesn’t it? It is in fact the science of controlling the brain’s internal processes using light in fibre-optic cables. However, Dr Stewart-Way pioneered an advanced method without fibre-optic cables.


By all accounts it seems the results have been nothing short of miraculous.


We’re happy to say Gateway House has treated military personnel and police traumatised in active duty, treated postnatal depression, treated victims of crime and victims of disaster, all with successful outcomes.


And from what I gather, your patients are sufferers who have visited psychiatrists and counsellors for, in some cases, years. Your programme offers to cure them in a single treatment.


Actually Sue the programme works over a course of a few preparatory treatments but yes the final treatment takes just under five minutes.


Tell us what led to your – and Dr Stewart-Way’s – incredible discovery of The Gateway Programme.


Well, before we set up Gateway House, Dr Stewart-Way had been treating soldiers with Flurogenetics. I was working in an adjacent field treating patients suffering extreme phobia. At the time we were unaware of each others’ work. It was a fluke encounter which put us in touch with each other and, as a result, The Gateway Programme was born.


There is one case which made The Gateway Programme famous isn’t there? Her name is Cooper Hall and she was the wife of recording artist and performer Jethro T. Hall.


Cooper Hall came to us seeking help in dealing with something that is sadly the bane of many relationships – infidelity. She approached us with an intriguing question – whether it was possible for us to use The Gateway Programme, which up till then had been used purely to treat PTSD – to undo her affections for her husband. She was going through a traumatic emotional breakdown and suffering from severe panic attacks at the time. We’d never considered using The Gateway Programme for that purpose so Dr Stewart-Way and I had long talks not only with each other, but also with various professionals and independent members of the ethics committee about treating her. As you know, Cooper Hall became the first beneficiary of The Gateway Programme specifically for that purpose several years ago.


Jethro T. Hall first came to fame from a somewhat ironic song Looks Like Love after being a struggling singer for years. It was because of his fame Gateway House hit the headlines.


We were well-established within the mental health fraternity but yes we attracted mainstream attention after Cooper Hall’s involvement.


In fact it’s when Jethro T. Hall first made public statements how The Gateway Programme destroyed their marriage your practice became the centre of a media storm.


Mr Hall has been outspoken about his views against us using a PTSD treatment to treat emotional relationship issues. Cooper Hall however stands in defence of our work at Gateway House and continues to support what we do.


Today Cooper and Jethro remain separated. They’re living in different countries I’m told.


Cooper lives in Ireland now, yes.


I note on your website The Gateway Programme came about in part because of spiders. Is that correct?


Well yes Sue, you’re talking about a patient I treated for arachnophobia when I ran the phobia clinic.


The spider case is itself interesting isn’t it? I mean, who’d have thought a spider could lead to a treatment that deletes love.

I'm a British author who loves page-turners. It doesn't have to be a thriller. It can be anything, I just want to feel that desperate urge to turn the page. And if it grabs me on the first page...or the first paragraph...or the first sentence...Well! All the better.

I worked in the television industry for many years. However, though I’ve worked with words all my life, I’ve only recently decided to do something with it. I have a love of radio dramas and audio books and my writing has been heavily influenced by both.

I live on the English coast and love sea and nature reserve walks whenever I get the opportunity (at least once a week, sometimes more). I also love to wake early, long before the rest of the world has caught up with me.

Website * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

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Men of the 65th #GoddessFishPromotions


Men of the 65th: The Borinqueneers of the Korean War

by Talia Aikens-Nunez


GENRE: YA nonfiction



Honor and Fidelity. That is the motto of the 65th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Borinqueneers, the only Puerto Rican unit in the United States Army.

Since the regiment’s creation in 1899, the men of the 65th have proudly served the US through multiple wars, despite facing racial discrimination. Their courage, loyalty, and patriotism earned them hundreds of accolades, including the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014.

But the honor and fidelity of the men of the 65th came into question in 1952, in the midst of the Korean War, when ninety-one Borinqueneers were arrested and tried for desertion and disobeying orders. How could this happen in one of the most distinguished and decorated units of the Army?

In this telling of one of the forgotten stories of the Korean War, author Talia Aikens-Nuñez guides us through the history of the Borinqueneers and the challenges they faced leading up to what was the largest court martial in the entire war. Rediscover the bravery of the men of the 65th through Aikens-Nuñez’s thorough writing and the soldiers’ firsthand accounts of the Korean War.



The Borinqueneers successfully defended the 1st Marine Division’s retreat, but they soon realized this was only part of a much larger withdrawal of UNC [United Nations Command] troops. As the retreat continued into mid-December, news came that the enemy buildup had accelerated. Chinese and North Korean forces were gathering and converging on Hungnam. The UNC’s worst fears were coming true: they were losing ground in the war.

They had to accelerate their plans in response to protect their troops and evacuate the Korean refugees that had fled to Hungnam. They ordered troops to board ships, division by division, and sail south to Pusan… Meanwhile, the 65th and the 3rd Infantry Divisions would hold the main line of resistance, providing enough cover for everyone to make it safely out of Hungnam…With each withdrawal, the enemy continued to push the Borinqueneers and the 3rd Infantry Division.

They were exhausted from several days of fighting…The soldiers of the 65th were some of the last to leave Hungnam. They were hurried and squeezed tightly onto the final boats. Finally, they could rest and relax. Once they left, the military would destroy the port so the enemy could not use the equipment and facilities against them.

After they loaded onto the final ship and set sail, the dynamite detonated. The soldiers looked back and watched the port explode…everything – erupted in smoke and flame. -pages 65-67


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Talia Aikens-Nuñez writes chapter books, picture books, and nonfiction for children. Her daughter inspired her to write her OMG Series of books about an accidental little witch. She and her husband live on a river in Connecticut with their daughter and son.

Amazon buy link:



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Talia Aikens-Nunez will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Friday Book Blogger Hop Special: Something Wicked About Henry


Book: Hot and Sticky

Story: Something Wicked About Henry


Publication date ‏ : ‎ August 1, 2023

Anthology Genre: 
Erotica, Steamy Romance
(various sub-genres)

Story Genre:
Steamy Historical Romance (M/F)

Buy Link:

Ebook Price:


Hot and Sticky will sail off into the sunset on October 30. Get your copy before it's gone forever!

Lil DeVille will give away a copy of the anthology during the Spooky Good Time celebration in Rene's Getaway Party Room on October 28th.

Details for authors wanting to join the fun follow the post. 

Book Blurb:

Celebrate summer with this steamy collection of short stories, perfect for a beach read!

All proceeds will go to ProLiteracy to benefit adult literacy all over the world. Visit their website at

Story Tagline

A scandalous tryst on a sultry afternoon leads to a surprising twist.

Story Blurb:

On a hot summer afternoon in antebellum Charleston, Martine de Gramont, a married woman with a zest for danger, meets with her lover, Henry Lawrence, challenging him to play out a sexual game she’s devised, meant to commemorate a formative sexual encounter from her past.

Henry isn’t sure he likes the rules of her game, although he is unable to resist the temptation Martine poses. But as the encounter intensifies, the lovers prove not to be quite as first presented—to themselves or to us—in a twist that reveals itself only as the encounter winds to a close.

About the Author:

Leslie Noyes is a designer and writer living in Southern Vermont. Before returning to her home state, she spent her college and early working years in New York City where she gained a life-long appreciation of the absurd—and falafel—among other delights. Back in Vermont, she acquired a husband and a house. She eventually shed both but kept the daughters and standard poodle. Her adventures (and misadventures) in dating and love inspire her writing. When she isn’t designing magazines, Leslie is texting with her daughters, sending overlong emails to friends, or plotting her next novel while also fighting a loosing battle against the clutter on her desk. 

Author Links

Visit the author’s website to sign up for her newsletter.

The First Line/Book Beginnings

Henry set aside his newspaper as Martine Valois de Gramont’s wide-hooped skirts preceded her into the room.

The Friday 56

With a roll of her eyes, she said, “You are reminding me how sad it is that all men have these moments of idiocy, even you.” 

Book Blogger Hop

29th - October 5th - Never judge a book by its film adaptation. Do you concur? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

Yes. Do not even get me started on the amount of liquid murder that filled my soul when I saw the film adaption of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Utter waste of a decent cast. The film made puzzling and unforgivable changes to a wonderful story.


Lil DeVille will give away one copy of Hot and Sticky during this event.

A Spooky Good Time Event
Information for Authors

Your book does NOT need to be Halloween related just make sure your graphics are Halloween Themed, that's it!
All Romance, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi subgenres are welcome.
Rules are simple:
1. Fill out the form below
3. Ask your readers to join Rene's Getaway Party Room. They will not want to miss this event! It will be so much fun for them to meet new authors, play games and win prizes.
4. Commit to sharing "A Spooky Good Time's" graphics on Social Media and in your Newsletters (including links to the group) leading up to the event. This is a team effort, so please share!
5. Mark your calendars. Saturday, October 28th. Anytime on the 28th, make 1 post in the group. Introduce yourself, tell the readers a bit about your books, tell them what you are giving away, and ask them a question, have them play a game, ask them to follow/friend you, whatever you want to do--but their comment on the post is their entry into the giveaway! You can give away as many books as you'd like! You can also give away swag and gift cards.
6. On Sunday the 29th you will pick your winner(s). Be sure to friend them and tag your winner right under GIVEAWAY CLOSED, so I know that you have reached out and made arrangements with your winner(s).
Thank you!
I will be sending important updates as we gear up for the event, so be sure to check your inbox!

Hope you join us!

Rene Migliore
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Please contact Rene, your ghostess with the mostest, if you have questions.

The promo runs from October 1st until the 31st. Each author will get their own promo page and a book cover posted on the sidebar of the site for the entire month. Every day a different author (or several, depending on participation) will be featured so everyone will have a day on the front page on the site.

I'll be holding a giveaway for visitors and offering a $25 Amazon egift card to one winner. I'll also be offering a free download of one of my ebooks, and if you would like to offer a download as well, you're welcome to, but it's not necessary to participate in the promo.

Deadline to sign up is September 10th.

To join the promo, please fill out the form at

Please feel free to pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested in participating.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at katehill2(at)

Thank you!



Kate Hill

Lil will be having two freebie days (October 2 and 3) for her erotic romance novelette, The Shape of Heat: Awakening during Kate's promo event. If you can't wait that long, this book is just 99 cents or free with Kindle Unlimited.

For writers, jump in the game with the above events to get lots of new eyes on your book.

For readers, this is your chance to get lots of free and cheap books to enjoy during the cold winter months.

It's a big win for everyone!

C. L. Hart will give away one copy of the 2022 Deathlehem anthology to a lucky winner.

Link to Author Signup: 
Link to Dangerously Dark Darlings Facebook Group: 


The Desk From Hoboken #rabtbooktours




Date to be Published: March 5, 2024


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


In a bid to heal from the grief of a personal loss, forensic genealogist, RaeJean Hunter, takes on a straightforward case —identify human remains found on a nearby college campus, believed to be the 180-year-old remains of Mary Rogers, a woman who died mysteriously in 1841 and was believed to have been buried in the nearby cemetery that had washed away. It should be simple enough, a project to get her back in the game.

Unfortunately, it quickly becomes anything but. In fact, it becomes downright dangerous.

Someone doesn't want RaeJean to investigate the puzzling death of the woman whose death inspired Edgar Allan Poe's "The Mystery of Marie Roget." As she follows clues through four states and discovers living family members who both help and hinder her search, she quickly realizes that the secrets of Mary Rogers' demise were never meant to be exposed.

What lengths will someone go to keep the truth buried in the past? As threats escalate and RaeJean and her family's lives become endangered, she's forced to follow every lead and use every skill she has to find the answers she needs before it's too late. Using DNA from two famous New England families, historical data, modern genealogical techniques, and a little guidance from a seemingly mystical antique desk, RaeJean takes on the cold case despite being given every reason to abandon it.

After all, what truths have been hidden for 180 years that would be worth bribery, kidnapping, and even murder?

RaeJean Hunter is about to find out. 

About the Author

ML Condike has published short stories in anthologies that include Strange & Sweet, (2019), Tall Tales and Timeless Stories, (2022), Malice in Dallas, Metroplex Mysteries, Volume 1 (2022), and won first place in the fifteenth annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, Mystery/Crime category (2019), and 2nd Place in the Tennessee Williams Short Story Contest, Key West Art & Historical Society (2022).

She’s an associate member of Mystery Writers of America Florida Chapter, Sisters in Crime National, Sisters in Crime North Dallas (Treasurer), Granbury Writers’ Bloc, and Key West Writers Guild.

As the result of her study of genealogy for her debut novel The Desk from Hoboken, she researched her own family and she discovered she had a direct bloodline to a Patriot. So, most recently she has been inducted into the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).


Contact Links



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Follow the Publisher on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - @harborlanebooks


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My Favorite Season Is Spring Book Blitz #rabtbooktours


Children's Book

Date Published: May 1, 2023

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


My Favorite Season is Spring is a beautifully illustrated picture book which every child will love. Through rhythm and rhyme, take a fun and exciting journey with little Susie as she describes her favorite season. She finds so many fun things to do and she loves the outdoors, and you will too! Great engaging teaching tool for children.

About the Author

Patrice D. Wilkerson is an MBA graduate who loves writing poetry. She has been writing poetry since she was eight years old and loves to inspire others through words. She's written a collection of poetry entitled, Through It All, I'm Going to Make It, which she published in 2010.

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The Ladder Larceny Release Blitz #rabtbooktours

A Kids' Court Whodunit #6


Middle-Grade / Mystery

Date Published: 09-29-2023


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


A missing ladder. A relentless bully. Can the junior lawyer uncover the truth before chaos erupts?

Luana Porcello has discovered a new love: volunteering at the community dog pound. Still, as much as she enjoys working with animals, law remains her true passion. So, when the local bully accuses his neighbor of theft, she happily resumes her attorney role, confident of her client’s innocence.

But as Luana gets to work, a formidable wall of evidence stands against her client, from physical proof linking him to the alleged crime scene to an eyewitness who insists he saw the accused commit the deed. Undeterred by the odds stacked against her, Luana is relentless in her quest to vindicate her client. Will her determination be enough to tip the scales of justice in their favor?

About the Author

Caron Pescatore was born in the United Kingdom. She spent most of her childhood in Jamaica before migrating to the United States. After practicing as a registered nurse for many years, Caron decided to enter law school, obtaining her J.D. in 2001. She worked as an attorney for several years before leaving the profession to become a stay-at-home mom—her most challenging career to date. She recently resumed working as an attorney at Legal Aid, representing people from marginalized communities. Ms. Pescatore is passionate about justice and fairness for all, a sentiment that led, in part, to her decision to write the Kids’ Court Whodunit series. Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, and watching true-crime shows. She also recently discovered a love of painting using stencils. At present, Ms. Pescatore lives in Florida with her husband and two children.

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