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Fantasy in Black Review and Giveaway


Spread Your Wings and Fly

Black Women Fairies Coloring Book

Fantasy in Black Book 1

by N.D. Jones

Genre: Fantasy, Self-Care, Coloring Book

Spread your wings, cast your eyes to the sky and take flight.
The ecstasy of freedom, the joy of self-love.

The Fantasy in Black adult coloring book series celebrates representation. Fairies, angels, mermaids, visual diversity matters.

Relax and enjoy 12 gorgeous coloring book pages of black women as fashionable fairies. Dressed in African-inspired clothing, these fairies are proud, confident, and powerful.

Just Like You.

There is a unique black woman fairy design for each month of the year, as well as 12 coloring pages with inspirational quotes by black women. Beautify your world, share your magic, and rejoice in your self-care.

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Be UnBound

Black Men Angels Coloring Book

Fantasy in Black Book 2 

The adult coloring book series celebrates representation.

Fairies, angels, magicians, visual diversity matters.

Awaken. Stretch. Soar.

Away from stereotypes and shadows and toward self-actualization.

From an ancient African warrior to a 1960s freedom fighter to a contemporary Tai Chi practitioner, there are unique angel designs of Black men from different periods of time and walks of life.

Angel of Confidence, Angel of Dignity, Angel of Family, each stress-relieving angel coloring page reflects a defining value of Black manhood.

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The Beauty of Black Mermaids

Fantasy in Black Book 3

The Fantasy in Black adult coloring book series celebrates representation. Fairies, angels, mermaids, visual diversity matters.

Explore the ocean depths of the Enchanted Kingdom of Reef, where mermen race hippocampi and mermaids commune with water dragons. Enjoy a leisurely swim with graceful marine turtles after visiting Queen Seirus's majestic palace. When the sun's rays stream through the crystalline ocean, you will discover soft clam beds perfect for napping and treasure coves ideal for reading.

So, relax and enjoy 17 detailed underwater scenes of merfolk and 8 nautical-themed frames with inspirational quotes. These beautiful Black mermaids and mermen don't follow the tide. Instead, they define themselves, swimming against the stream and creating waves. Reef is their kingdom, but the world is their oyster.

Dive in.

Stress-relief fun awaits.

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I received Spread Your Wings and Fly and The Beauty of Black Mermaids. I don't think of these books as review copies but as wonderful gifts! I am nearly 60 years old and live with sometimes severe anxiety as well as multiple health issues. I think that coloring is a fun and relaxing activity for people of all ages and I am looking forward to making these new gifts my own.

The images are appropriate for all ages. Teens, adults, and older kids will enjoy coloring the intricate details for beautiful contrast and shading. I have a set of colored pencils but I'm thinking it might be fun to buy a set of sparkly pens or maybe even the big 64 crayon set--the one with the sharpener built into the box-- and let myself be young again for an hour or two.

I absolutely recommend these beautiful coloring books to anybody of any age who enjoys art projects for therapeutic reasons or just having fun. The Fantasy in Black series earns five out of five stars.

N.D. Jones, Ed.D. is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. In her desire to see more novels with positive, sexy, and three-dimensional Black/African American characters as soul mates, friends, and lovers, she took on that challenge herself. N.D. has authored several paranormal romance and fantasy series, as well as a coloring book and self-care journal series.

N.D. is also the founder of Kuumba Publishing, an art, audiobook, eBook, and paperback company that is a forum for creativity, with a special commitment to promoting and encouraging creative works from authors and artists of African descent. Her teenage daughter created the image design for Kuumba Publishing, while her son has written a role-playing game using original characters from a new paranormal romance series and her husband manages the company—making Kuumba Publishing a true family affair.

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Seeds of Love Book Tour and Giveaway


Seeds of Love

A Romance Charity Anthology to benefit Ukraine

You can help us make a difference.

SEEDS OF LOVE is a romance anthology to benefit Ukraine. This collection of short romance stories is not available anywhere else. 100% of the royalties will be donated to United Help Ukraine, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the Ukrainian people affected by Russia’s invasion. They are a grassroots, entirely volunteer-based organization that provides aid to wounded Ukrainian warriors, assistance to their families, and support to internally displaced people.

This anthology features 45 authors. The stories include various sub-genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, dark romance, and romantic comedy.

SEEDS OF LOVE is only available for a limited time! Stand with the people of Ukraine and get your copy today!

Participating authors:
Amber Garr, Amy Thorn, Barb Shuler, Brooke Summers, Cassidy London, Cyndi Faria, D.M. Davis, Dakota Willink, DD Lorenzo, Denise Wells, E.H. Lyon, Emery LeeAnn, Erica Himy, Fei Marie Perez, Gabbi Black, Gabbi Grey, Hannah Blake, Heather G Harris, Jenna Lynn, JS Mercier, KA Graham, Kaje Harper, Kelly Kelsey, Lane Bellemore, LC Taylor, Liz Durano, LJ Evans, Lux Miller, Mel Walker, Miranda Grant, M Guida, Pandora Snow, Persephone Autumn, Raisa Greywood, Ramsey Savage, Shelly Hixson, Sophia Henry, Stella Moore, Syd Ryan, Tara Conrad, Tiffany Carby, Vi Summers, Vivian Murdoch, Willow Fox, Yolanda Olson

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Animal Prints on my Soul Book Tour and Giveaway


Animal Prints On My Soul

A Divas That Care Collection

by Candace Gish

Genre: Non-Fiction Animal Anthology 

Animals can be our heroes, our confidantes, our coaches, and our best examples of unconditional love. In Animal Prints on My Soul, we explore the human-animal bond through the experiences and stories of women. Featuring horses, dogs, cats, birds, and more, animal lovers will connect with these ordinary – yet extraordinary – stories of how animals impact our lives. Heartwarming, touching, and joyful, this book is a splendid gift for those who love animals. The stories of Healing, Connection, and Love & Loss also encourage us to pause and appreciate the wonderful gifts our animal friends bring us so we’ve provided deeper-dive prompts for those who would like to transform these blessings into inspiration for their own lives.

Contributors to Animal Prints on My Soul:


The Wisdom of Horses – Angie Payne
Whispers from an Angel – Daphne McDonagh
My Healing Journey with Animals – Diane Rose-Solomon
The Unicorn Search – Beth Lauren Parrish
Healing Beauty – Ginny Jablonski

A Friend by My Side – Marla Patrick
My First Best Friend – Deb Matlock
For the Children – Lorie Murphey
A Horse, a Boy, and Undying Love – Naomi McDonald
Lessons from a Red-Tailed Hawk – Linda Roberts
A Divine Communication – Esta Bernstein
What It Means to Be a Red Barn Horse – Alexis Braswell
Farm Girl Memories – Abigail Stimpert
When God Says, “Wait.” – Hannah Stimpert
Letting Go and Holding On – Donna Palamar
Gabriel’s Story – Sharon Dilley
26 Marathons and My Trainer – Jo Dibblee
Leadership in Flight – Haseena Patel

Love and Loss
Lead with Love – Kate Neligan
Spirit Animals – Stef Skupin
Country Life – Joyce Benning
Expectations: People vs. Dogs – Katherine Jensen
Becoming the Community Cat Lady – Kathy Lynn Mackison
Grief, Death, and Dying – Tracy Pierce
Horse, Heart, and Home – Ley-Anne Mountain
When Fate Brings You Fur Kids – Jean Brannon

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***Check out the Divas That Care Podcast with special author interviews HERE!**

When Fate Brings You Fur Kids

Jean Brannon

Ah, that little word, “yes.” I knew if I said it, I was adding a whole new sideshow to the three-ring circus taking center stage in my life. I mean, I’d recently moved. Started a business venture. Begun working on a fixer-upper that was nearly beyond fixing. And I’d been writing, deliriously absorbed in a sequel that kept pulling me into another world for hours at a time, all while getting the two shelter dogs I already called “fur family” comfortable in still-unfamiliar territory.

It could be fun,” Charlie suggested. He said it so cheerfully. So convincingly.

And it could be what finally makes me go crazy,” I sighed.

You know, they’re a bonded pair,” he continued, sensing me weakening. “Maybe three months old. Brother and sister. They go to sleep hugging each other.”

Oh, dear.” My resolve crumbled further as he sent me the first picture. And as he began telling me what he knew about the quiet boy and his scruffy sister with one blue eye who seemed to have been on a mission for weeks to reach me.

Oh dear, indeed.

The Wisdom of Horses

Angie Payne

The opportunity to care for that horse brought me out of some pretty dark places. I know I decided to stay on this planet because of him. I can recall moments of crying into his mane while he stood perfectly still, holding space, and I felt safe to allow the tears to flow. We would often go riding together for hours. It was the solitude and knowing I was safe, heard, and seen on those days together that saved me from my past. I will always be grateful for that beautiful being and his ability to keep me safe even when we found ourselves in tricky situations. While I was able to express my emotions to him, I wasn’t aware that what I had experienced was trauma I would struggle with for a long time. I did my best to keep my head above water and avoid depression, but, unfortunately, not talking about the sexual assault affected every relationship I had. As I look back, I realize I didn’t feel worthy, or of value, which made me sabotage the good in my life.

I’ve learned it’s only when we are ready to drop our walls that healing can really begin. It’s a place of vulnerability that we must be prepared to face, and it’s complicated. The walls drove my bus for a couple of years, and at times, I felt totally out of control because I didn’t have horses to regulate my emotions.

Opening up means there is a potential to be hurt, but learning to love and risking heartache, instead of never being open enough to experience love and connection, would be a significant loss. Along the way, I have been grateful to have wonderful mentors in my life, but most importantly, I thank the horses that have had my back along this journey called life.

Candace Gish helps women open their eyes to the possibilities around them. As founder of the Divas That Care podcast community and network, Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women committed to making a difference. She advocates for collaborative mentorship and strong, supportive groups of women converging to create change.

Her first Absolute Love Publishing book is Animal Prints on My Soul, and the Divas That Care community has been featured in all volumes of ALOVEDLIFE. Candace’s four daughters and husband inspire her every day. Visit

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Unconventional Review



A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot

by Jamie Andrea Garzot

Genre: Memoir

Jamie Andrea Garzot was one of the least likely people to become a cannabis entrepreneur, advocate, and industry pioneer. She had no business background. She was not involved in politics. She had only a four-figure capital investment to start with. And, surprisingly, she had very limited experience with cannabis products. So how did Garzot find herself at the forefront of California’s cannabis movement?

In this inspirational memoir, Garzot describes her trajectory from a cannabis retail rookie navigating an unregulated market to a cannabis authority. During her time in the industry, she developed a wildly successful line of artisanal edibles, managed $12 million a year in all-cash sales, and became an advocate for cannabis legislation at the state capitol—all of which led to an eventual acquisition by High Times, one of the most recognized names in the industry. From office intrigues, personal crises, and shifting regulations to teamwork, innovation, and community leadership, Garzot, with good-natured humor, shares how thinking creatively, planning ahead, and forming connections in the most unlikely places contributed to her success in a continually shifting business landscape.

Unconventional is the story of an industry in its wild heyday, the inner workings of local and state government and cannabis’s dicey road to regulation, and the seismic changes in the way cannabis was distributed and sold. But it is also the story of one woman’s tenacious spirit and all the lessons she learned the hard way—by refusing to give power to fear, taking risks, building community in a volatile environment, and listening to what people wanted—and how staying true to her vision paid off every step of the way.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of following their gut and reinventing their life will be inspired by Garzot’s unusual and unconventional journey.

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I tried to find something to nit-pick about this book but couldn't. The manuscript is well-written, professionally edited, and provides a unique and unusual story that will prove inspirational to entrepreneurs and fascinating to anyone who reads it. The author used her business background to her advantage when breaking into the cannabis industry, and hers is a fascinating journey.

Even in modern times, when most people hear the word cannabis they think of one or more stoners blazing away on a dilapidated couch while watching movies and eating snack food. However, the cannabis industry offers so much more. I saw this for myself when I worked as a home health nurse with a patient who had a rare condition that caused him to suffer from frequent seizures. 

The author also saw possibilities when she entered the budding cannabis industry. She wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere that didn't resemble the set of a stoner movie. She worked to build her dream during what was basically the Wild West at the cannabis industry's beginnings and her business background helped her become wildly successful.

The puns were intentional, as is my timing for the publication of this review. It's time to see myself out, but not before giving Unconventional a five out of five-star rating. You don't need to be a cannabis connoisseur to appreciate this book.

With eleven years of lawful cannabis industry experience, Jamie Andrea Garzot is one of California’s pioneers. She has boots-on-the ground experience as a state-licensed cannabis retailer, an appointed city official, and an industry advocate.

Since the beginning of her industry tenure in 2009, Garzot has logged thousands of hours advocating for responsible cannabis regulation before the California State Legislature and provided cannabis policy guidance to local governments throughout the Northern California region.

In August 2020, both of her groundbreaking businesses—530 Cannabis and Synergy—were acquired by the most globally recognized name in cannabis, High Times.

Garzot holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from San Diego State University, with an emphasis in British literature. She remains a high-profile industry advocate, educator, and public speaker.

Garzot shares her life with her partner, Jim Wood, and their growing menagerie. Unconventional is her first book.

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Together We Stand Pre-Order Tour and Giveaway


Together We Stand Volume 2

A Collection of Survivor Stories by Various Authors 

**All proceeds from the print and digital sales of this book will be donated to organizations providing relief to Ukraine.**

We are the ones who walk barefoot through hell, making it out the other side with nothing left except sheer will and a whole lot of grit in our pockets.

By losing everything, others hailed us as beacons of hope. Our journeys were by no means glamorous. Each of us left an important part of ourselves behind so that we might start anew.

We are the survivors.

This is our chance to grab happiness by the horns and make it our own.

Join 20+ USA Today, bestselling, award-winning, and up-and-coming authors as they weave tales of horror, loss, persecution, and unfair struggles, leading to new lives, new romances, and most importantly, well-deserved Happily-Ever-After endings.

With stories written by

C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author

JA Lafrance

A.L. Morrow, USA Today Bestselling Author

AM Cosgrove

Katia Kozar

TL Mayhew

C.L. Collier

A.N. Waugh

Ryan Grey, Bestselling Author

Rose Bak

Jordan Leger

A.M. Roark

Lily Fastmore

Zorha Redwolf Edwards, International Bestselling Author & Emery LeeAnn, International Bestselling Author

Pandora Snow, International Bestselling Author

R.G. Angel

Skye Callahan, International Bestselling Author

Crystal St.Clair, Bestselling Author

M.A. Abraham

Merrie Destefano, USA Today Bestselling Author

Jodi Fahey

Sky Purington, Bestselling Author

Tricia Daniels

Cedar Rose

All proceeds from the print and digital sales of this book will be donated to organizations providing relief to Ukraine.

**May contain MM/FF and/or triggering situations.

**Preorder Now For Only .99cents!**

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Another Autumn is Free April 14 thru April 18 #MFRWAuthor #MFRWHooks #8Sunday #SnipSun


A mixed bag of poetry from the deranged brain behind Naughty Netherworld Press.

This is the second poem from Another Autumn.

Blotted Out

For Gem

beautiful sad eyes

you always seemed so aware

beneath the surface

darkness loomed inside your brain

overtook and erased you

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This book will be free to own from April 14 thru April 18. 

The usual price is 99 cents.

It is always free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited.

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What will be in the May newsletter? Even I don't know that yet, but I promise it won't be anything from the Whizzo Quality Assortment. Unless you're one of those odious people with a perfectly organized newsletter and a metric crap-ton of subscribers. In that case, prepare yourself, and when you're least expecting Crunchy Frog, expect it!

The Hops You Want

You Can't Hurry Love Guest Post


Sometimes love is worth the wait.

Title: You Can’t Hurry Love


Release Date: ebook: March 24, 2022, print: March 6, 2022

Rating: Explicit/Mature Audiences Only

Hashtags: (suggestions, but feel free to use your own) #AustralianContemporaryRomance #EnemiesToLoversTrope #JukeboxCollectionRomance #IndieAuthor #AustralianRomance #AustralianUrbanRomance #SteamyContemporaryRomance #ANVerebesAuthor


Sometimes love is worth the wait.

Sara Carlisle and Charlie Rhodes are complete opposites. Oil and water. Chalk and cheese.

Before Sara even meets Charlie, she hates him. He's insulted her best friend -a woman Sara considers family- and that is unforgivable. In person he proves to be just as obnoxious and insufferable as she'd anticipated. And, as far as she's concerned, the fact that he's tall and muscular with an accent to die for is not enough to redeem him. Charlie Rhodes is an arrogant A--hole (with a capital A!) and that's all there is to it!

For his part, Charlie thinks Sara is a conceited pain in the arse. A prissy princess to the nth degree. It becomes his prerogative to get under her skin for the sheer pleasure of riling her up. He feels genuine enjoyment in the face of her frustration, and he makes no secret of it. Besides, she gives as good as she gets!

Fundamentally opposed in every way, it's obvious to those around them that they're not going to get along.

But unfortunately, thanks to their respective families, they are stuck in each other's lives for the foreseeable future. Being civil is as good as it is going to get...or is it?

When their relationship turns from reluctant acquaintances to red hot lovers, they find it's good.

Really good.

What could possibly go wrong?

In a slow-burn romance that follows hot on the heels of 
Handle With Care*, Sara and Charlie discover that you really can't rush romance.

Handle With Care and You Can't Hurry Love can be read as standalone novels in the expanding Jukebox Collection series.


(Chapter One) – 418 words – rated PG

“So, tell me,” Charlie directed the question her way once she’d made her promise to Gemma, the glint in his eye seemingly payback for her smugness at his own telling off, “why doesn’t your boyfriend ever attend these family get-togethers?”

“Roger marches to the beat of his own drum,” she answered easily with a shrug. “Sometimes he comes along, other times he doesn’t. We don’t need to live in each other’s pockets.”

After a couple of years of doing the whole on-and-off/casual relationship thing, she was used to it. Besides, Roger didn’t pressure her to attend events with him, either. Which was a good thing, because his snobby parents couldn’t stand her, and vice versa.

Sara felt as though things were pretty equal in that way.

“I couldn’t imagine him in a low-key restaurant like this, to be honest,” Jeff chimed in, chuckling. He stuck his nose in the air and assumed a haughty tone as he looked down at his menu, “Sara, darling, I don’t see a single main here over twenty-five dollars. Outrageous! We’re truly dining with the commoners tonight.”

Balling up a purple paper napkin, she threw it at her friend, even while she smothered her own giggles. “Stop it,” she chastened, “he’s not that bad.”

Gemma snorted. Sara levelled her with a glare, but all Gemma did was raise her glass of water to her twitching lips and sip primly. “Sorry,” she said, sounding anything but apologetic, “but that impression was spot on.”

“You both suck,” Sara sighed, shaking her head.

“Sounds like you could do with a real man in your life,” Charlie was having far too much fun at her expense, and it ruffled her feathers the wrong way.

It was one thing for her friends –who also worked with Roger in the hospital– to playfully tease Sara about him, but altogether different for this random English wanker to do so.

“I hope you’re not suggesting you’re a viable option,” she sassed back, “because I don’t think you fall into that category either.”

Okay, so it was a bit flat and ridiculous as far as comebacks went, but he scowled back at her, so she took it as a win, nonetheless.

“Don’t flatter yourself, love.”

Aww, diddums, did I hurt your feelings?”

They were interrupted by their names being snapped on either side of them. He was cowed by his mother’s frown, while Sara sighed and apologised to Gemma.

This really was going to be much more difficult than she’d initially thought.

Prices (in USD):

Print: $9.99

E-Book: $2.99 (and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited)

Length: 240 Pages

Guest Post

Once Upon A Daydream

One of my favourite Author Interview questions to ask people is ‘If you could cast the movie version of one of your books, who would you cast as your protagonists?’

I love this question because it gives you a sneak-peek into how authors see their characters.

But also, it’s kind of the dream, isn’t it? That one day some Hollywood hotshot is going to come across our novels -the stories we’ve poured love, sweat, and tears into- and want to turn it into a movie. Well, it’s one of my recurring daydreams, anyway.

It’s not even about the fame or the money, no matter how awesome both would be. Instead, I get all giddy thinking about seeing my imagination brought to life.

When I wrote Book 1 of the Jukebox Collection, titled Handle With Care, I wrote it purely for my own enjoyment. I probably broke a hundred rules along the way. I channelled every bit of my geeky inner fangirl and created a hero (Everett) based on all of my favourite parts of my current favourite actors. I had a clear vision for who I saw him as.

But, if I were to cast him, I actually don’t know where I’d start. There’s a LOT of Colin O’Donoghue’s Killian Jones (from Once Upon A Time) in him, and a good splash of Tom Hiddleston…and, okay, a substantial nod to Tom Ellis, too. And, in Book 2, titled You Can’t Hurry Love, we get hints of Brett Goldstein’s Roy Kent (from Ted Lasso) in both Everett and Charlie.

I clearly have a type. Cheeky, British, generally dark haired and bearded/stubbled. Yes please. I’ll take two!

(Though I will say that, physically, I see Charlie as more Chris Hemsworth-y, just to shake things up a bit.)

For my heroines, I imagine home-grown Aussie talent. For Sara, I vividly see Nathalie Kelley. For Gemma? Emilie de Ravin would be my go-to. Yeah, another Once Upon A Time alum. If you’ve read Handle With Care, I don’t think that will surprise you. I have zero regrets.

But, all that aside, I do love the freedom that reading gives us over movies. Every reader will see my characters in their own unique ways, and I find that fascinating. So, even though the likelihood of my daydreams coming true is slim to none, I find that I don’t actually mind so much. My imagination is still being brought to life, and that’s mind-blowing.

So I’ll just stick with the writing for now…and the daydreaming.

Author Bio:

Anita (A.N.) Verebes is a daydreamer and romance novelist. As a civil marriage celebrant, Anita makes a living telling other people’s love stories and celebrating real romance! Also armed with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Anita is a qualified -but not practising- High School English teacher who loves to read anything she can get her hands on, including fanfiction. (And, yes, she’s written her fair share of that, too.) Living directly between Queensland’s sunny Gold and Sunshine coasts, Anita spends her days exploring the Great South East with her husband and their two rambunctious sons. When at home, she’s also a slave to two cats and one very spoilt Great Dane X.

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