Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Just Jemi: WEP & Jardin

Just Jemi: WEP & Jardin: Jardin Jasta woke well before her alarm. In reality she wasn’t sure she’d actually slept. Who could sleep when Freedom Morning was so close?...

A nice science fiction write. I wish that people would learn to take better care of this planet before searching for a new one.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Diane Burton: #WeWriWa: - The Case of the Fabulous Fiancé: Alex ...

Diane Burton: #WeWriWa: - The Case of the Fabulous FiancĂ©: Alex ...: Welcome to the   Weekend  Writing Warriors . Sorry for missing last week. My brain went on vacation. Wish the rest of me had, too. The good ...

I think I have a bit of a love-hate feeling for Pete. Anyone who brought me good coffee (decaf in my case, thanks hypertension and whackadoodie nervous system) and great pastries can't be all bad. But anyone who told me I needed to get laid would be risking having the coffee poured over his head. That's the last thing I need!

Nancy Gideon... Romance By Any Other Name: WeWriWa: Back in the Saddle . . . Temptation’s Trail

Nancy Gideon... Romance By Any Other Name: WeWriWa: Back in the Saddle . . . Temptation’s Trail: While waiting for the results of BETA reads for my Texas-set romantic suspense, I started thinking about what to do next. I’d been looking a...

I like Mr. Bass, he's sparky!

Although he's British (and now in his 60s) I found myself imagining a young Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden's frontman) in this role. He's a competitive fencer and thus much more combat-worthy than his diminutive appearance would suggest.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Beyond Romance: I can't wait any longer -- #MFRWsteam #MFRWAuthor ...

Beyond Romance: I can't wait any longer -- #MFRWsteam #MFRWAuthor ...: We lcome to the MFRW Steam Hop! Today’s the day when those of us who write erotica and erotic romance come out to play. So grab a cold drink...

I read the book and gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. So, if anyone is debating whether or not to give it a look, I highly recommend it. There's a solid story here, not only explicit (and very well-written) erotic scenes.

Kelley's Realm of Writing: An erotic retelling of Avalon and King Arthur. Whi...

Kelley's Realm of Writing: An erotic retelling of Avalon and King Arthur. Whi...:   Welcome to another week of steamy excerpts. Enjoy! Destiny cannot be altered . With Britannia falling to the Saxon hordes, Morgaine, Que...

A legendary scene with legendary characters. Nicely written.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Book Blast: The Groom


The Groom

By Lyndell Williams

Interracial, Friends to Lovers Romance

Book Info

Release Date: 4/2/21


ASIN: B08Z4DD684

Kindle Unlimited


The boy next door became a whole man.

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They're not kids anymore. 

Just when he starts to get his act together,  Mansur wakes to an empty bed and a crying baby. His wife leaves him with their infant on the day he starts a new job. Uneasy and alone, he looks across the street to Faiza for help. As he relies on their long friendship, desires for the sexy firefighter reawaken within him. 

Faiza can't deny Mansur, even though she should. Her heart broke when he married another woman. She got herself together and moved on. Now, he is back in their childhood neighborhood and her life. She knows they're just friends, but she can't help longing for more.  

Family and culture kept them apart when young, but Mansur won’t allow interference from anyone or anything. He is determined to make Faiza more than just a friend.

The Groom is a boy-next-door romance full of passion and an alpha who proves that he is no longer a little boy. **NO cliffhanger, Guaranteed HEA.**

Series Blurb

Fast, pray, love. 

The men of the Ramadan Nights series love their Creator and women.

Igniting passion within them is worship.

The Ramadan Nights series features four exciting and inspirational romances by bestselling and award-winning authors. Get ready to be captivated by characters as they explore the links between faith and sensuality. This vibrant series includes a spectrum of New Adult and Adult fiction, from sweet to steamy. Enjoy romance stories of second chance love, friends to lovers …

Fall in love with strong, confident alphas and heroines as they undergo tests of resolve to love and captivate each other from sunset until daybreak.


Faiza reached for the popcorn bowl before Mansur put it on the table. “Thank you.”

He smiled and sat at Beni’s feet; his little body stretched between them. “Do you want anything else?”

“What you, need more time away from the feeding frenzy?” She popped a handful of buttery goodness in her mouth, looking at the screen and him.

He sat and rested an ankle on the opposite knee. “I told you, I’ve changed. So, let’s get into your sick fixation with cannibalism.”

She scoffed. “How many times do I have to tell you? It’s not cannibalism. The Titans aren’t human, not exactly, anyway. They’re shifters. “She moved to the edge of her seat. A giant scooped up a poor townsperson, gnashing the snack between its enormous teeth. “See, that’s what happens when you don’t listen.” Her guffaws burst through the room with the next fighting scene. “Oops, Beni.” She covered her mouth and looked down at him. Barely a move. “Who am I kidding? He can sleep through anything.”

Mansur draped an arm over the back of the sofa. “That’s the truth.” He lifted one of Beni’s arm. It fell flat on the couch.

She waved a hand. “Stop that. We don’t want to take any chances. We’re only done with season one.”

“Wait, how many of these things are we supposed to watch?”

She lifted more popcorn in front of her lips. “It depends. How sorry do you feel? I think at least the first three seasons is enough penance.”


“It’s the weekend.”

“We have prayer.”

“We’ll make them between seasons like we did the last one. All you’re doing is proving that you’re still frightened.”

“Oh, I’m not scared. Fine, three seasons.”

She shoved the popcorn in her mouth, chest swelled with victory.

He winked. “I guess I’ll sleep here.”

That got a gasp out of her, allowing a piece of popcorn to wedge in the back of her throat. She lurched forward, coughing with no noise, grabbing the edge of the table for dear life. Bits of chewed popcorn sprayed in front of her, but the one morsel killing her stayed lodged.

“Crap, Faiza.” Mansur lifted and spun her. He wrapped his strong arms under her breasts and pulled her against him.

She clamped her hands over his hairy forearms. It would have been a turn on if she weren’t dying. The popcorn flew across the room after Mansur’s third try. Her entire belly ached, and pride sat lying on the floor next to the hunk food in a tiny pool of saliva. “Tha—thank …” She bent over, resting her hands on her knees while he stroked her back.

“Just breathe.” His soothing words clashed with a series of explosions bursting from the screen. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah.” She fell back in her seat. He sat across from her on the coffee table. “Humiliated, but fine.”

He laughed. “For real? It’s me, Mansur.”

She met his gaze. The kindness in his gray eyes drove away concerns of dying and flesh-eating giants. He was right. She shouldn’t be embarrassed, not with him. “I know it’s you. I’m glad it’s you.” She couldn’t stop staring at him. “Listen. We’ve been friends since we were babies, but lately—” A knock at the front door stopped her.

Author Bio

Lyndell Williams is an award-winning writer and bestselling author. She is a cultural critic with a background in literary criticism specializing in romance. She is an editor, writing coach and mentor. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals and writes for multiple online publications.

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