Friday, December 1, 2023

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Axel Blaze Thriller Book 6


Date Published: December 1, 2023



When dreams and nightmares collide, there’s no place left to run.

Dawn breaks over Bison Creek, a sleepy little Wyoming town, to reveal a scene of mayhem. Two bodies lying inside the police station. Both brutally killed. One of them a cop. A man covered in blood sprawled on the steps outside. Conscious but disoriented. Beside him, a gun and a stained Ka-Bar knife.

It’s an open-and-shut case. Every shred of evidence points to Ex-Marine Staff Sergeant Logan Davis, pushed over the edge by his acute PTSD. Logan knows no lawyer can prove him innocent. He calls the only man he knows will move heaven and earth to get to the truth: Axel Blaze.

A bloody trail leads Blaze to a cult leader with ties to rogue pharmaceutical company, preying on the vulnerabilities of troubled veterans, using them as pawns in his nefarious game. These power players will do anything to bury the truth. But they underestimate one thing—a relentless adversary who will go to any lengths to expose them.


The Axel Blaze Thriller Series:


Blaze Returns

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 1


Lethal Force

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 2


Hard Target

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 3


Mean Streets

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 4


Unchained Fury

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 5


No Escape

Axel Blaze Thriller, Book 6




About the Author

Bill Runner worked as an investigative journalist before turning to writing novels. He grew up on a regular diet of western novels and movies about lone rangers, which influenced the shaping of Blaze. Bill is an experienced mountain climber and has been a lifelong student of martial arts. Working the crime beat and studying the art of fighting helped make him the author of thriller novels, which are known for well-executed action sequences.


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