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The Prayer Warrior #GoddessFish


The Prayer Warrior

by Traci Wooden-Carlisle and D. Tina Batten


GENRE: Speculative fiction



There is a thin line between the natural and the spiritual realm.
Ms. V., a humble servant of the Lord, has been placed on assignment at Center of Hope Christian Academy.

By day, she serves as a trusted counselor for students, giving them a safe haven to pour out their innermost feelings while providing professional and honest truth wrapped in a firm kindness and love that inevitably draws them closer to Jesus. Not to be outdone, the faculty also bends her ear from time to time.

By night, Ms. V. enters the spiritual realm and takes her place on the battlefield as one of God’s faithful prayer warriors. She wields her whispering sword, slicing through the enemy’s plans to bind the precious hearts under her charge.
Her assignment’s burden on her physical body is taxing, but can she withstand the strain and remain victorious?
Saving souls is her true mission, but at what cost?

Readers are in for a journey of spiritual intrigue and biblical insight as they experience the ramifications of each character’s life-altering decision.



Ms.V. walked around the room, taking in the curio cabinet in the corner under the window, the maple shelving unit against the far wall, and the oversized plush chair and small glass table in the corner opposite to her desk. She used it as a quiet corner. There were small mementos along the surfaces given to her from students, past and present showing their appreciation for her words of honest wisdom and pure encouragement and positivity, and how she helped them from a moment of crisis to clarity. They were each symbols of gratitude for the love she had shown them over the years; the many talks with no judgment, just pure love.

Many times, she would encourage people to make themselves comfortable. To some, it meant taking off their jackets and scarves, to others it meant taking off their shoes.

She noticed the sound of slow rhythmic beeping and looked around for the cause, but just as quickly as it came, there was nothing but silence. It struck a chord in her, reminding her of what she’d overlooked.

She’d been so preoccupied by everything she’d dreamed that morning, and maybe imagined when she first placed her key in the lock, that she’d forgone her daily ritual of praying over everything seen and unseen in her office.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she focused on His presence. She ran her hands lovingly across the backs of the pleather chairs facing her desk as she prayed God’s love and peace would saturate them.


Guest Post

When I was a teenager I would use dancing to relieve stress. It seemed the perfect outlet for expression and use of restless energy. I would turn on the music and get lost in the rhythm and my interpretation of the beats with body movement. It was liberating and if I’d had wings, I would have surely flown.

I also read and wrote as a form of escape and relaxation when listening to music wasn’t an option. If I was feeling deep disappointment or distressed I would allow my emotions to bleed out on the pages of short stories filled with characters immersed in emotional turmoil and longing for peace.

In college, I began running and that was a great stress reliever. It was freeing. I was free from doing anything but putting one foot in front of the other, breathing correctly, and taking in the beauty surrounding the path I was running on. My mind was free to wonder after my body went on automatic and it didn’t have anything to do with a ‘To Do’ list.

After college, I went to the gym more than ran out in the open due to my change of environment, but exercise was still a form of respite for me. That form of stress relief was soon joined by going to the movies in the middle of the day, by myself. I had an odd work schedule which allowed for me to go to the movies on Mondays and Tuesdays smack in the middle of the day. It felt decadent and I didn’t need to call anyone to go with me. I could get lost in the pictures on the screen and rest my mind.

Stressed? Here is a list of scriptures that I have found comforting and peace grounding.

Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 29:11, Proverbs 3:5-6, Ephesians 4:26, Ephesians 4:31 -32, Matthew 6:19-21, Hebrews 12:6

Once I rededicated my life to Christ it was even more important for me to take some time for myself because I gave a great deal in ministry and tried hard not to lose myself in what everyone else wanted me to do. One way I kept in touch with myself was by journaling; that along with my morning devotions and keeping key scriptures on my heart were wonderful weapons against stress. It was also how I got back in touch with my love for writing.

Today, I work for myself and write both because I love it and feel compelled to do so. I relax by reading, making jewelry and dancing around my living room. Music is still something that feeds and soothes my soul. It also makes writing particularly intense scenes easier to navigate.

During this extremely hectic time of year, I know it is important to keep in touch with my feeling since I can get too busy to take care of myself, so out comes the music, everything from R&B to gospel to Christmas classics. Some songs make me nostalgic and others help me reach my step goals with ease but all of them lift my spirit and remind me of my blessings.

I’m already feeling much more relaxed. I hope you do too. Do you have a song that grounds you?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

D. “Tina” Batten is a loving mother, wife, sister, daughter and Mima to her grandchildren. She is a gifted visual storyteller who is passionate about bringing encouraging messages of inspiration and hope to the world.

Tina Batten, a writer for over eighteen years of various dramatic works of performing art via stage, and film, encompasses unique ways of creating fascinating story concepts that touch the heart of most who view or read her work. She is both honored and thrilled to have teamed up with long-time friend, sister in the gospel and co-author Tracy on this phenomenal collaborative book project. With such a humble heart and desire to bring people together in love and unity, Tina Batten will continue her work as a visual storyteller spreading the good news of Jesus Christ one project after the other.

As Always, D. “Tina” Batten gives God All the Glory!

You can find her at the following social media platforms:


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Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing to publish in 2011 and enjoys writing stories that provoke thought and evoke emotions. Her desire is to draw readers into the lives of her characters and share messages of God’s love, His faithfulness and peace. The messages in her books speak to her way before they speak to her readers.

Traci lives in San Diego with her husband, David. When she isn’t writing she does some light traveling or assists people with their physical fitness, creates graphics, designs pretty things for her jewelry business and swag for authors.

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