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Hand of the Gods Guest Post #GoddessFish



by Miriam Newman


GENRE: Historical Fantasy Romance



Those who survived the Battle of Grandfather Mountain are said to be in the Hand of the Gods. No one will need that more than Sange, sister of Arak clan chieftain Javrik. Drawn to Arman Garimandi, the Omani cavalry officer who saved her people during the siege, she shocks her family by marrying him despite her brother's caution that someday he will break her heart. Blindly in love, she follows Arman to two different forts where he is ordered. At the first, danger comes unexpectedly in the form of another woman And at the second, she finds herself an unwitting pawn--possibly even a prisoner--between two powerful nations.



Sunny Omana had felt strangely like home to Arman, probably because he had heard about it all his life. And then, when their army had defeated the Domidian hordes that had conquered it and sent him to scout the upper portions, inhabited by nomadic Arak tribes, finally he knew life had given him another chance, probably undeserved after the things he had done, but a chance all the same.

He was looking at her now, sitting on her small Arak horse, framed against vast green plains below them where wind moved in circles and waves through wild grasses. Low purple and tan foothills rose from them, shadowed by clouds, and beyond those were mountains so steep that snowcapped them even in the midst of summer. Domidians on the other side had never crossed them in force. That was why the eastern portion of Arak lands, where Sange had never been, was spared the slaughter those in the center faced as Domidians who had occupied southern Omana fled forces drawn from the compact of nations who freed it from them. Now those mountains harbored their remnants, swelling ranks of brigands who had been there for years. It was a dangerous place, but she had packed up and taken horse with him when his orders sent him there. Just as his father’s Emperator had sent him to exile in a foreign land, the one in Arman’s time had done the same. The difference was that in his, Arman had found the last woman he would ever love.

Wisps of hair had escaped her headscarf, strands of gold flying in the wind, occasionally touching her sculpted cheeks. She had a mouth made for kissing and eyes as green as gems, oddly ringed with a darker shade outlining the iris like some elfin creature. Every feature was delicate, her body a wonder and a pleasure to him. She was young and she was hope, when he had lost all of his.

Guest Post

How to Write Books That Appeal to All Readers While Staying True to Your Genre

Ah, this is where you discover (if you haven’t already) that I have a contrary nature.

I do not believe you can write books that appeal to all readers while staying true to your genre. The simple reason for this is that not all readers enjoy the same thing.

I mean, do you eat meatloaf for every meal?

Now, there are readers so compulsive that, if deprived of other content, they will read the toothpaste carton in the bathroom while engaged in...shall we say...other activities. But they are rare. Many readers have eclectic tastes, but I would venture to say the majority has a special core set of favored genres.

If I knew how to make it otherwise so that everything I wrote attracted people like metal shavings to a magnet, believe me, I would share it. And I would make a lot more money.

But my advice is to stay true to your genre, not worrying about becoming a mass market genius. If you are the equivalent of a literary Houdini, you may be able to hop aboard the novel du jour train and try to make it yours. However, if you are like the majority of merely mortal authors, you will be found out. Readers are bloodhounds. They KNOW when you have done it and they will wonder if you have someone else writing the books for you or you’ve simply lost your mind or adopted a pen name they don’t recognize.

Write what you write and do it to the best of your ability. Stay true to yourself. You will know when it feels right. We all do.


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I fell in love long ago with fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends, as well as stories of heroes and battles. Ancient Celtic writings were my special passion, along with the Roman Empire, Roman Britain, the Norman invasion of England, and tales of the Vikings. My first book emerged when I was an...ahem...youthful 52. Well, I’m not 52 any more and up to 34 books and it’s been a great run.

Retired from many years in social work, now I pass my days writing, researching and living with a pack of highly demanding rescue dogs. I write in every genre I please and you can see my books at








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  1. Thank you so much for featuring this author today!

  2. Thank you for hosting my book today. I love visiting blogs and answering whatever questions they--or the readers--pose. This was a really good one. When I think of a genius who can draw readers from all genres, I think of a wonderful author like Ken Follett. On the other hand, the romance genre offers the opportunity for both readers and writers to pick among the sub-genres--historical, fantasy, science fiction, Regency, Victorian--and find something to love. And I love the chance to do it.

  3. Thanks for featuring my book and for those who visited today.

  4. I really enjoyed the blurb and I love the cover.


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