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Impeachment Book Promo, Review, and Giveaway

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A pair of billionaire brothers with unlimited resources, a secret agenda, and no accountability.

Mysterious “peace-keeping forces” that materialize out of nowhere.

Detention camps on the U.S.-Mexican border.

Bungled assassination attempts with untraceable origins.

A reactive Congress, lobbyists bought and paid for, and upheavals at the highest levels of government.

How was it all engineered, and could it happen tomorrow?

Is it fiction or uncomfortable reality?

Read an Excerpt

“Thanks for coming.”

“No problem,” said Mendoza. “I always drive twenty miles out to the boondocks to get myself a cappuccino. The journey clears my head.”

“I figured that neither of us needed to be seen in public with each other. My instinct was it wouldn’t play well with our respective constituencies.”

“I suspect you’re right. So tell me, Mr. Lapham, what have I done to deserve this audience? Have the Haft brothers decided to donate a billion dollars to Criollos Unidos?”

“We have some areas of mutual interest. I think we might be able to come to an accommodation.”

“I’m listening.”

“You’ve been quite outspoken recently in your criticism of Khaleem Atalas.”

“I think he’s a great man. If he wasn’t holding a hundred thousand of my people in concentration camps along the Mexican border, I’d nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

“As you can imagine, my employers share your disgust for the President. Although their specific reasons are different, of course.”

“To be honest, he double-crossed us. And I do not like to be double-crossed.”

“I think you’re a man of principle, even though I may not agree with many of your convictions. And as I said, we’re not fans of Atalas either. The only difference is that we haven’t been surprised at the way things turned out.”

“Before we join hands and start singing kumbaya, why don’t you tell me why you dragged me down here?”

“I could have sworn you came of your own free will.”

“I have to admit, I was curious.”

“As I said, we find ourselves on the same side of this problem, but for different reasons. I was thinking there might be some way we could work together.”

Although Impeachment is a work of fiction, it reads like a factual account. President Khaleem Atalas is far more Barack Obama than Donald Trump. The book story mixes fact with fiction so deftly that there were times when I caught myself wondering if Sumeristan and Persepostan were real places. They are not, but the political intrigue is as real as it gets.

Impeachment is not a political thriller filled with shoot-em-ups and car chases. It is a slow-burn, alternate reality version of American politics filled with intrigue and realistic, behind-the-scenes dirty deals. The brokers of these deals are in it for themselves, not caring about what happens to the civilian population.

Impeachment is a detailed story that pulls no punches and requires no over-the-top plot devices to be engaging and disturbing. If we knew what was really going on behind the curtain with regard to those running the show, it would keep us up at night.

This story easily earns five out of five stars from me.

About the Author
Mark Spivak is an award-winning writer specializing in wine, spirits, food, restaurants and culinary travel. He’s the author of Iconic Spirits: An Intoxicating History and Moonshine Nation: The Art of Creating Cornbread in a Bottle. His first novel, Friend of the Devil, tells the story of America’s most celebrated chef who has cut a deal with Satan for fame and fortune.

Mark is also a political junkie who loves turning his fascination with the seamy underbelly of the American political system into taut, page-turning thrillers. The American Crusade, the story of a devastating terrorist attack and the government’s response, was published in April 2019; Impeachment, a tale of two billionaire brothers who manipulate that system for their own ends, is a sequel that also stands alone as an unusual and compelling story.



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