Friday, June 25, 2021

Charity Sunday + Naughty Netherworld Update 27 June 2021: Tara's Chemotherapy & My Car Needs AC


This is my most recent picture of Tara. She's had her first dose of chemotherapy and is kind of in hiding right now. I don't think she feels horrible because she still pushes her way into the bathroom when I go in there (the door doesn't latch properly) but she hasn't been too interested in doing much of her usual activities. Mostly she's a bit lethargic.

The chemo drug itself isn't the biggest cost. Fortunately, it's a pill rather than an infusion. It costs $48 per pill. We're giving her prednisone at home. Having taken prednisone myself, I know it can sometimes make one feel a bit wackadoodle. 

The first time I took prednisone, I felt kind of dizzy and weak. However, I was also recovering from pneumonia and a severe laryngospasm that sent me to the hospital overnight. The second time I took it was to give me some relief from sciatica pain. I begged for more when it started to wear off, but the doctor refused to give it to me.

Anyway, that's ancient history, 2002 to be exact. My paternal grandmother died not long after this incident, on December 24, 2002. I felt like hot garbage when my father, my son, and I flew back to New York for her funeral. Less than 2 years later, my father would have a major hemorrhagic stroke.

I'll try to keep the trips down memory lane to a minimum. 

The biggest costs for Tara's treatment right now are the $165 per week of blood panels and physical exams. The next chemo dose will be given in three weeks. 

There was an unexpected abdominal ultrasound because the oncology doctor wanted to do a recheck and make sure the mast cell tumors hadn't spread to her abdominal organs. This procedure sang the discordant tune of $612 all told. I'm not even figuring in the cost of gas to go to the appointments. We live 60 miles from CSU where she is getting the chemotherapy and 50 miles from her regular vet, who is doing the blood work.

On top of the fun of making these trips, my car does not have a working AC, so we are driving with the windows down and it isn't much relief. Also, this happened.

I took this great picture of my own arm. You can click it to enlarge it. As well as the peeling skin, I also had weeping blisters. For those who may be wondering, the tattoo is permanent, not a temporary one. I got it close to 5 years ago.

Depending on what's going on with the AC, it could run anywhere between $200 and $500 to get it fixed.

I hate like hell to ask for money from people. Most of the time my son and I get by on my disability check ($1340 per month) which pays the bills with a small amount remaining. I make a small amount doing book reviews for the Online Book Club but it isn't by any means a steady income. 

I really appreciated the donations I received from a couple of great people following my post last month. If anyone else can kick in a little something, it would help a great deal. My Paypal is

I haven't done Tarot readings in a hot minute, but I'll do a reading for anyone who donates at least $10 and lets me know they want one. My offer for a promo post at Readers Roost ( for a donation of $5 or more still stands. Again, let me know if you want one by replying to this post with your email address.

You can also support me by subscribing to my Patreon. As little as a buck a month helps a lot and gets you free PDF copies of all of the smokin' hot Cloned Heat stories. 

Speaking of Readers Roost, I need to apologize to the last batch of participants in the WEP Challenge. I promise you that I will share your stories on the next Roost Recommendations. My mental health is kind of precarious on my best day, and last weekend the town where I live had an unexpected parade (I wasn't expecting it anyway) and yard sale day. 

I kind of liked watching the parade from my window, but I was unsettled by the people parking in the area in front of my house without asking if it was okay. I didn't want to make a fuss, so I didn't say anything. It was Food Bank Day later that afternoon, and I was very overwhelmed. 

I had a bit of a mental breakdown where I couldn't make myself do much of anything and started feeling like maybe I should just stop writing or interacting with people forever. I decided to take a week off of blogging rather than closing up shop permanently. 

Anyway, this is where things stand with me. Other than this post I may not blog again until it's time for the monthly MFRW Steam Hop on July 13, at which point I will hopefully be ready to get back up and running at full capacity again. It may be sooner, but I'm giving myself the option.

Again, I thank anyone who can help in any way with my cat and car expenses. Sharing helps too if you are unable to donate. I really appreciate it.

And now, since I'm oversharing everything anyway...

Some of you may have wondered why I am so reluctant to share pictures of myself and tend to use illustrations instead. Well, a picture is worth 1000 words, and this picture reveals the awful truth. I really am extremely ugly and have rather severe skin problems (rosacea, and yes, it is being treated). 

I am a large person, and people tend to think it's okay to ridicule and berate people of my size. This is why I don't share pictures of myself and instead usually close my posts with a picture of my alter-ego, Ornery Owl. Admissibly, I'm pretty ornery-looking in my regular form too.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Crap, I almost forgot. Please be sure to visit the other Charity Sunday posts.

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