Sunday, June 13, 2021

Naughty Netherworld News + Roost Recommendations Update: Ironing out the Details


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Hello, Naughties and Roosties, 
This heat has me feeling a bit like my brain has melted. It's tolerable with the fan blowing right on me today. I've been falling asleep in the afternoon for the past few days but am going to try not to do that today because it really jacks up my already jacked-up sleep schedule.

Today (Sunday June 13) is the last day for you to pick up your free-to-own copy of Cloned Heat VI.

All the books in the Cloned Heat series are always free to read from Kindle Unlimited.

Tara Update:

The scar where the tumor was removed on her forehead will fade with time. There were two tumors on her face, and both mandibular lymph nodes were removed as well. The facial tumors and the right mandibular lymph node were free of metastatic material. Unfortunately, the left mandibular lymph node contained significant metastatic material.

The vet thinks that her prognosis is good with a round of chemotherapy, so she will be starting chemotherapy treatments on the 21st of this month and receiving them every Monday for the next two months. These treatments will cost $300 apiece, totaling $2400. Plus, I need to get the AC in my car fixed. Driving a 120-mile round trip in 90 plus degree heat with no AC is hard on all of us.

I am very grateful to the folks who already donated. Seriously, anything helps, and if you can't donate but you are willing to share, I appreciate that too. You can send donations to

I'm doing another little tweak to the Roost Recommendations. I will visit and share posts from Rainbow Snippets, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors between Sunday and Tuesday and add posts from Book Hooks and MFRW Steam on Wednesday/Thursday. 

I'm trying to finish a piece for the June WIP Challenge, but I've been having trouble concentrating. I have it halfway done. Hopefully, the other half will flow in the next couple of days. Plus, I'm still drowning in editing. 

I've been having disaster dreams again. I keep wondering if it ever does get any easier. I guess at least these days I don't have to go to an outside job on top of everything else.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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