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Roost Recommendations 27 June 2021


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Sorry to have missed last week's Roost Recommendations. You'll find the explanation in the preceding post. We're back in action and ready to rumble this week! I will be including links to this month's Charity Sunday posts and will reshare these links through July.

I did not link with Weekend Writing Warriors this week but will be back to sharing works from Weekend Writing Warriors authors next week.

And now, without further ado-doo, let us begin.

At Her Service
Author: Kari Trenten
Genre: Fantasy, LGBT Fiction

The story is a WIP. Here are a few sentences.

"She won’t.” She moved a little closer. I felt the silent message in the way she twitched her ankle."

Bound and Breathless
Author: Lisabet Sarai
Genre: Erotica, BDSM

Agony that burns - until it sets you alight with pleasure

For some people, kink is a game, a way to spice up sex by adding a hint of taboo. This book isn’t about those people.

These stories dig deeper, baring souls, exposing the heady thrill of power and surrender, intimacy and complicity. In the passionate dance of dominant and submissive, there is no tomorrow. There is only now, balanced between pleasure and pain, breathless with forbidden possibilities.

Change of Plans
Author: Addison Albright
Genre: M/M Romance, Fantasy

Change of Plans is a novella (~32k words) coming to JMS Books on July 17. Change of Plans completes a series/trilogy, following The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans.

Once upon a time, two handsome young princes fell in love, faced down adversity, and lived happily-ever-after…until one romantic evening, they unwittingly ate a confection laced with a mind-wiping toxin.

Crown Prince Efren of Zioneven blindsided Prince Marcelo of Sheburat when he used The Contingency Plan embedded in a peace treaty to marry the naïve young prince. Now, Marcelo is shocked again when he awakens in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar land, in the arms of a stranger who’s taking such liberties!

Will that ignominious new beginning to their relationship doom their chances at rekindling their love? Or will Efren’s giddiness and the less formal surroundings of Zioneven propel them toward a more teasingly fun rapport?

Marcelo and Efren have forgotten more than their love. On their journey home to Zioneven, their Best-Laid Plans went awry when Marcelo was abducted. Now, neither remembers the unexpected strength of character and ingenuity Marcelo manifested to survive his harrowing ordeal, or Efren’s frantic search for his new husband.

Were Marcelo and Efren specifically targeted for the Forget-Me-Not poisoning, or were they the victims of a random assault? Is this new attack related to Marcelo’s abduction and his sister’s death? Will Marcelo revert to his old mild-mannered, unassuming self, or will he step up to prove he’s the same brave man his new family claims he is amid the fresh danger swirling around them?

…and a limerick 😁:

There once was a handsome young prince,
whose naïveté made himself wince.
He was a huge fan
of “The Contingency Plan,”
till a drug turned his memory to mince.

…and a haiku 😄:

They fell in love once.
But can they do it again?
Forget-Me-Not, dear.

Charity Sunday: Habitat for Humanity & The Trevor Project

Lisabet will donate one dollar to Habitat for Humanity and one dollar to The Trevor Project for every comment received on this post.

Charity Sunday: Tara's Chemotherapy + Cie's Car Needs AC

My cat Tara is undergoing chemotherapy, which is very expensive. The AC in my car isn't working, which is wretched in the heat. You can see the lovely sunburn on my arm in the post.

Embers and Flame
Author: Sadie Jay
Genre: M/M Romance

The story is a WIP. Here is a blurb.

After an amicable breakup, Charles “Cherry” Andrews’ ex left him the couch, the bed, and the camping equipment. Replacing the noises of St. Louis with crickets and birdsong at his favorite campground feels like the perfect vacation. He’d hoped to prove to himself that he’s fine on his own, but instead of finding inner-peace, he’s simply bored. His evening becomes instantly more interesting when a gorgeous guy with a loud motorcycle pulls into the neighboring campsite. 
          Ben Torres hopes that a cross-country motorcycle tour will help him find his own peace after his mother’s recent death, but a faulty tailpipe curtails his plans within hours of leaving home. Luckily for him, the cute redhead in the next camp spot happily shares his fishing equipment as well as offering taxi service during a week-long search for parts.
An unexpected kiss on their last day together leads to an afternoon of discovery that turns into a summer romance that in turn becomes a long distance relationship in the fall. Everything would be wonderful if they could spend the rest of their lives in a tent by a lake. But Cherry’s overly involved ex-boyfriend sticks his nose where it isn’t wanted and Ben’s 17-year-old son has a hard time accepting his father’s bisexuality. Two-hundred miles may be the least of the challenges they face.

The Envoy's Honor
Author: Antonia Aquilante
Genre: Fantasy, M/M Romance

Second son of an earl and cousin to the Crown Prince, Griffen has worked hard to forge a career in diplomacy for the principality of Tournai, but he never expected his diplomatic skills to be necessary to a problem so personal to him and his family. A delegation from the mysterious kingdom of Ivria has come to Tournai to make sure the secret of their people—the magical Talent allowing them to change into dragons—and therefore their kingdom itself remain safe. The delegation is concerned with Corentin, an Ivrian with the ability to change into a dragon—and the man Griffen’s older brother is soon to marry.

The Ivrians seem to want to drag Corentin back to Ivria for the offense of revealing their secret, but Griffen refuses to let it happen. His determination puts him into contact—and conflict—with Kirill, a negotiator for the king of Ivria who possesses the dragon Talent himself. The two clash and connect, getting closer and pulling away as they try to negotiate the needs of their people and an unwanted attraction between themselves. However, just as trust might be growing between them, a plot is uncovered and a member of the Ivrian delegation murdered. Griffen and Kirill must discover who is behind both for the safety of their countries and the people they love...and for a chance to be together.

Fear Not, Dream Big, and Execute
Author: Jeff Meyer
Genre: Christian, Motivational, Self-Help
Post Link: You can read my review of this book at the following link.

This book was written for Christian ministers to help them connect better with their congregation as well as to help them define their own goals. However, it is also an excellent guide for laypeople and it even works if you aren't Christian. I am an agnostic and have been using the exercises in the book myself. The book contains a fair bit of scripture, but it has a common-sense approach that speaks to readers rather than at them. I have enjoyed using this book. It's a bit like having your own pocket motivational coach!

The Flood No One Thought Would Come
Author: Pat Garcia
Genre: Christian

A creative retelling of the story of Noah.

Fukt 2 Start With
Author: Walt Cessna
Genre: Urban Fiction, Short Stories, Gay Fiction, LGBT Fiction

Inspired by life events "Fukt 2 Start With: Short Stories & Broken Werd" is a collection of short stories that follow the lives, times and numerous misadventures of various misfits who live so far on the edge that falling off is somewhat implausible. While facing the major struggles of everyday life, while often out of their own league, they learn to adapt and figure out new ways to make it through and ultimately survive.

Walter Cessna (July 24, 1970 – March 15, 2017) was a friend of mine. He inspired a character that I created for a recent chapter in my WIP, Galaxy Girl. Fukt 2 Start With is his only published book. If you would like to learn more about Walt, you can read my post here.

Author: Sonia Droga
Genre: Adventure, Slice of Life

A fisherman's son watches the sunset while waiting for his father to return to shore. It is getting late, and rain is starting to fall.

Great Wave
Author: Charlotte (MotherOwl)
Genre: Fantasy

Susan is missing her friends from Japan when she receives a magical letter.

Great Wave
Author: Olga Godim
Genre: Science Fiction

What will Cadet Neville do when a bunch of mutant mouse-bug hybrids infests the military freighter Mariposa and he is ordered to run damage control? Find out in this amusing story!

The Great Wave Metaphor
Author: Pennie Nichols
Genre: Creative Nonfiction

The author reflects on her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease.

High Ground
Author: L.G. Keltner
Genre: Science Fiction

The narrator watches from their vantage point on a space station as people who couldn't afford to escape await a giant wave that will wipe them out.

In Pain and Blood
Author: Aldrea Alien
Genre: Fantasy

Click to enlarge

The Pornographer's Apprentice
Author: Lisabet Sarai
Genre: Erotica (F/F, M/M, Bisexual, Menage a Trois, BDSM), Steampunk

In prudish, patriarchal Victorian England, nineteen-year-old prodigy Gillian Smith finds a secret society dedicated to the erotic arts. She’ll need both her intellect and her physical charms to earn the permanent position she craves.

Inspired by a salacious catalogue found in her deceased uncle’s library, she applies for an apprenticeship with the Toymakers Guild. The Guild fabricates bespoke sexual artifacts for the private pleasure of select clients – an occupation for which Gillian, with her technical abilities and her lascivious temperament, is eminently suited.

The other apprentices, initially skeptical about a female engineer, become enthusiastic supporters once they’ve tested her erotic aptitude. The voluptuous Governing Director, and the dashing French journeyman likewise help expand her carnal repertoire. The final decision, however, rests with the reclusive Master Toymaker, who has been missing for nearly two years.

When an unscrupulous nobleman sets up a competing enterprise, he threatens not only the livelihood of the Guild’s members but their lives as well. Gillian hatches an audacious plan to entrap the villain, save the Guild, and leave the absent Master no choice but to grant her heart’s desire.

If you like steam punk erotica with a kinky feminist bent, you'll love The Pornographer's Apprentice.

You can read author Lisabet Sarai's guest post for Reader's Roost here:

You can read my (five-star) review of The Pornographer's Apprentice here:

Rene Descombes
Author: N.R. Williams
Genre: Fantasy

A horrific earthquake followed by a tsunami devastates the idyllic French village where Rene and his wife Margo live.

Author: Lenny Lee
Genre: Poetry

Haiku is one of my favorite forms of poetry. It's short, sharp, and gets right to the point. If you like Haiku, follow the link.

Stop Cock
Author: J.L. Merrow
Genre: Mystery, M/M Romance

A match made in heaven – but the honeymoon from hell

Plumber Tom Paretski and his newly-wedded husband, PI Phil Morrison, plan to enjoy their honeymoon in Italy to the full. It should be the start of a wonderful future together. But when Wayne—Phil’s ex best mate and Tom’s former bully—turns up unexpectedly at their hotel, issues from their schooldays threaten to derail the fun. Tom may not bear a grudge against Phil for past injuries any longer, but Wayne’s another matter—or is he?

Wayne now seems determined to make friends, but Tom’s struggling to forgive and forget. To add to his confusion, cryptic messages from home spark the question: Are he and Phil are really as in tune as he thought? Tom’s not the first man Phil ever made a commitment to, and that marriage turned sour sooner rather than later.

It shouldn’t surprise them when death explodes onto the scene in shocking fashion, and their honeymoon turns into a murder investigation. When the group of locals Wayne had been meeting with turn their attention to Tom’s psychic abilities, he and Phil will need to pull together to figure out what’s going on—or risk this trip being the last they’ll ever take.

Storm of the Water Dragon
Author: Steph Wolmarans
Genre: Fantasy

Asuka and Hisoka are in search of a water dragon. Will they survive their journey?

Storm Stealth
Author: Roland Clarke
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Detectives Sparkle Anwyl and Kama Pillai of the North Wales Police make an unexpected discovery when attempting to rescue a trio of men from a flood.

Submerged by a Wave of Relief
Author: Susan B. Rouchard
Genre: Family, Slice of Life

Grandpa Albert's peaceful afternoon is disrupted when his great-granddaughter turns his backyard into her playground.

Under the Wave
Author: Anne E.G. Nydam
Genre: Art, History

The author tells the history of the famous Japanese woodcarving that was the inspiration for this month's WEP prompt.

The Wave
Author: Jackie Begue
Genre: Art Appreciation

The author shares her interpretations of several artworks featuring waves.

The Wave
Author: Dixie Jo Jarchow
Genre: Adventure

I love this story and its self-absorbed protagonist whom I somehow wound up rooting for anyway. She was rather Absolutely Fabulous. 

I did have one criticism. As a fat person who tried for 33 years to hate herself thin, the term "overweight" always makes me cringe. Granted, it's not as awful as the loathsome "obese," which makes me want to throw things. Just say fat!


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