Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Book Hop 27 May 2022: What Shall I Do Sighed Emily


Image by Sofia Iivarinen from Pixabay

This week's featured book is What Shall I Do? Sighed Emily by Faith P. Smith.

Genre: Children's books, Middle Grade

Emily is a determined young teen whose biggest dream is to one day be a state champion runner. She has many obstacles to overcome before her wish comes true.

If you purchase a copy of the book through the following link, I will earn a small commission from Amazon.

And now, let's go to the hops!

Book Beginnings/First Line Friday

Hoo, hoo!

Oh, that sounds like Willie, my owl.

The Friday 56

By the time I got there, I heard Dr. D on speakerphone ask Dad, “Did Helen give you all the news?”

(This line is 56% of the way through the book, according to my e-reader.)

Book Blogger Hop

Do you use the Kindle app on your phone or iPad for reading e-books?

I usually read Kindle books on my PC. I use the Audible app on my Galaxy 21 when I'm on long drives alone.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Free use image from Open Clipart Vectors

If you have a book that you'd like featured on the Friday Blog Hop, let me know in the comments. Drop your email address and I'll contact you. 

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