Friday, May 20, 2022

Book Blogger Hop: Ornery Coffee Habits


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Question of the Week:

Do you drink tea or coffee while reading?

Both, though not at the same time. I have a bottle of water, a 16-ounce covered tumbler for tea, and a mason jar for coffee. This ain't the high-fallutin' stuff. I make my tea by tossing a tea bag or a tea ball with a couple pinches of loose tea in the tumbler filled with water, and leave it there until it loses most of its flavor. 

My coffee is "iced" coffee, sort of. It's not the highbrow stuff you get from Starbucks or wherever. I live in a tiny, remote rural town, population 134. The nearest Starbucks is 45 miles away.

Here's how you make Ornery Coffee.

Fill a 16-ounce Mason jar most of the way with water, leaving room for a bit of half-and-half or creamer. It's usually half-and-half because that's cheaper. Put in a half tablespoon of instant coffee. Fill the rest of the way with half-and-half. Shake it up. Take a Lactaid and drink it.

I allow myself one container of regular coffee. If I want more than one serving, it needs to be decaf. 

Listen to me, ProWritingAid. "over one serving" sounds weird. I'm sticking with "more than one serving."

And now you know my tea and coffee consumption habits. They're a bit out of the ordinary, but so am I.

This is my first time participating in the Book Blogger Hop. I've discovered that there are several interrelated Friday book blogger hops, so I'm intending to do a regular Friday post combining the four of them. It might be fun. I had fun once. Then I went to nursing school. 

I spread my contributions to the other hops out this week. I did not do this on purpose. I discovered The Friday 56 first and wrote my post for them before realizing that I could have played it smart and combined the hops. Here are the links in case you're bored and want to check them out.

Book Beginnings + First Line Friday

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~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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