Saturday, November 19, 2022

Open Book Blog Hop - 14th November

Open Book Blog Hop - 14th November

An excellent post about offering feedback and reviewing.

"For authors I don’t know I will suggest ways in which they can improve instead of trashing their hard work, but some of the replies I’ve had when I’ve done this suggest they only want to read glowing reports as of course their story is up there with the bestsellers."

Agreed. As a reviewer, I've encountered the sort of author who is very gracious even when my rating of the book was not spectacular. I gave the book two stars because the story was convoluted by time jumping, perspective jumping, and multiple subplots all without a clear division. I suggested to the author that while the idea and characters were interesting, the story was confusing in its current state and she should seek the assistance of an editor.

On the other hand, I've had authors whose work I've given a decent to excellent rating jump down my throat for pointing out minor issues. I encountered many of these types when I used to do reviews for the Online Book Club. I don't recommend doing reviews for them, by the way. If I'm expected to put up with emotional abuse, I expect far better compensation than they provide.

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