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Ornery Review: Trunks Maloo #rabtbooktours

Illustrated By: Anastasiya Halionka

Children's Book

Date Published: March 1, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

Trunks Maloo is a mighty elephant that roams the savannah thinking that because he is so big and strong he can do as he pleases. He soon gets himself into a bit of trouble, and quickly discovers that everyone needs help from time to time. It takes one of Africa's smallest animals to help him realize that we are all connected and that we all need to be kind to each other. 

Look out for more adventures from Trunks Maloo!

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This book is Ornery Owl Approved
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Trunks Maloo is a big, strong elephant, but he doesn't use his strength in helpful ways. He uses it to push other animals around. When a bushbuck asks Trunks to help him reach a leaf, Trunks eats the leaf himself. Trunks then makes fun of Dung Beetle, who tells him off.

While Trunks is thinking about what Dung Beetle said, he sucks up a marula into his trunk intending to shoot it into his mouth for a snack. However, the marula gets stuck in his trunk.

The other animals decide to help Trunks even though he has been unkind to them in the past. With Dung Beetle's innovative solution, Trunks is rescued from his predicament.

This is a beautiful story. While it was written with children in mind, it has a positive message for readers of all ages. The illustrations are colorful and charming. The characters are fun and engaging. The story has several positive messages that all readers can benefit from. 

When we are willing to help others, life is better for everyone. 

Nobody's job is beneath contempt. Dung Beetle does dirty work, but the work he does benefits everyone. 

Being big and strong does not make one creature superior to another. Even the smallest and lowliest creatures are worthwhile. The lowly dung beetle is the biggest hero in the story. Although he is small, he believes in himself and in doing what is right. He provides an excellent example of ingenuity and courage to inspire the other animals.

This book would make a wonderful gift for a child or for anyone who enjoys children's books.


- Kurt Jay Bertels, Author -


With a deep love for nature and wildlife, Kurt came up with the idea of Trunks Maloo and his friends to help introduce his two sons to the wonderful characters that coexist in our world. The stories came about when Kurt was waiting in the dark for his boys to fall asleep, and were completed while on safari as a way to keep in touch with his family.

Having worked on safari for many years, Kurt is a new author and The story of Trunks Maloo is his first book in a series of four.


- Anastasiya Halionka, Illustrator -


Originally from Belarus, and now living in the quaint and cozy town of Wroclaw, Poland, Anastasiya is a self-taught artist with immense talent. She has, to date, worked on several children’s books, and has helped Trunks Maloo and his friends come to life in spectacular fashion.

She says, ‘When I was a child, like all children, I loved to draw and create different images and characters - it was a place my imagination could run free! I was not sure though if I could turn my passion into a profession, so when I finished school I first studied law. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I had to follow my dreams, and at 27, I went back to my first love: drawing. This is what excites me; makes my heart beat faster!’

Anastasiya now gets to create characters and stories that make people happy, and leaves a lasting mark on their hearts. Her positivity in life shows in her work, and we are very happy to have her on the Trunks Maloo team.

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