Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday Book Blog Hop: Tommyland


Autobiography, Memoir, Music

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I am Tommy Lee, born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962, and raised in a suburb of California by an American father and a Greek mother. At seventeen, I joined Mötley Crüe and we became one of the baddest-ass rock bands in history. We sold over 40 million albums, we wreaked havoc, we scared parents, and we titillated too many fathers' daughters. I've been married three times: once for just a few days to a Penthouse Pet, for seven years to Heather Locklear, and then for five years to Pamela Anderson, with whom I have two beautiful sons. I've gotten into a lot of fights and I've been to jail a few times.

But this book isn't your typical journey in a straight line from day one to day now. I'm more interested in revealing what's most important about my life, like how I cook my steaks; what I think of the tabloids, the truth, my ex-wives, my ex-band, my music; and what an innocent observer might find hanging around my house any given Sunday. You'll get plenty of facts and I'll tell you a story, but my real mission here is to paint you a picture of my life. I want to show you how my memories smell.

I'd like to get into it now, so please take your seats. I advise you to keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. If you have a pacemaker, a heart condition, or if you are pregnant or too damn short to reach the safety bar, I ask that you turn back immediately. Those with weak stomachs, strict morals, or chronic indigestion should put the book down now. For the rest of you, there's one truth that's real across the board: What you send out is what you get back. Send out the good, people, and it will come back to you. There's another thing I've learned over the years, in court, in fights, and in arguments with people I love: There isn't one truth, there are many. This book is my truth.


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Ornery Owl's Mini Review

Rating: Five out of five stars

Tommy is a bright, intelligent, insightful person, not at all the brain-dead rock star that tabloid journals have made him out to be. I've been trying to write an autobiography/self-help book for years and have always given up on it because I can't imagine why anyone would want to read anything I had to say. 

Tommy's words reminded me we all have something to offer and our words may be just what someone else needs to hear. I thank him for being a great entertainer whose music I love and an inspirational teacher whose thoughts are well worth the read. I enjoyed reading his co-author Anthony's thoughts as well.

The First Line/Book Beginnings

Tommy: Good morning, my man. 
Dick: What’s up? Well, besides me? I’ve been up for a while. I’m always up before you.

If you haven’t cruised PCH, let me tell you, it’s heaven: a winding road right on the ocean with cliffs and mountains to one side and God’s swimming pool on the other.

29th - January 4th - Did you exchange gifts for Christmas with other book lovers? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

My broke ass did not exchange gifts with anybody, not even my son. 

I encountered one of those grids of letters saying that the first four words I see are the words that will define 2023. Here are my words:

creation, love, connection, money

I'm still learning to love or at least tolerate myself. My creations are my only chance for connection to the world. Maybe the money will follow.

Best wishes for a better year.

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