Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Snip Tease: Snippet

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A bird with an appetite like a billy goat on prednisone--interesting!

I did not notice an increase in my appetite either of the times I had to take prednisone. 

The time I took after being sent to the hospital for a severe laryngospasm when I was trying to recover from pneumonia while having to keep working as a waitress full-time, I felt very weak. But that might be because I still had to continue working as a waitress full-time while trying to recover from the aftermath of pneumonia.

The time I took it for sciatica, all I noticed was the blessed relief from sciatica. Unfortunately, that only lasted a couple of weeks, and then my doctor refused to give me more. I'm glad I have a different doctor now. That man was burned out and I think he saw me as a "problem patient." His prescription for everything was weight loss. With all my endocrine problems, that's not likely to happen.

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