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The Prophecy Trilogy Character Interview and Giveaway


The Witch of the Prophecy
The Prophecy Trilogy Book 1
by Victoria Jayne
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Having a choice and having a good choice are two very different things…
The players of the prophecy are all in place. The vampire, the werewolf, and the witch. The fate of all paranormal beings hangs in the balance.
Too bad Divina, the witch in question, wants nothing to do with any of it.
She’s not about to let some ancient prophecy dictate who she’s going to love. She’ll be the master of her own destiny, thank you very much.
But the intense connection she feels to each of her sexy prophecy counterparts is making it difficult to avoid potential magical disaster.
And as everything continues to get more and more complicated, she’s starting to wonder—is she really the witch of the prophecy? Or is she something else entirely?
The Witch of the Prophecy, book 1 in THE PROPHECY TRILOGY, features a strong heroine, an angsty love triangle, and plenty of spicy, supernatural goodness. Download today and let the exciting journey begin!

The Wolf of the Prophecy
The Prophecy Trilogy Book 2

Mistakes were made. Now it’s time to pay the price.
Werewolf Aric is losing his mind—literally. The incomplete mate bond with Divina is slowly killing him, and soon, it’ll become unbearable for her, too. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to make things right with his one true love.
Now all he has to do is find her.
But when his witch slips up and risks exposing the paranormal world to humans, Aric will need to do the unthinkable to save her and every other magical being on the planet.
He’ll have to work with the vampire of the prophecy, who just happens to be his mate’s ex.
Mistakes were made. He made them. And if the price of atonement is more than Aric’s able to pay?
Well, he’ll destroy that bridge when (and if) he gets to it…
The Wolf of the Prophecy continues this paranormal romance series: THE PROPHECY TRILOGY. Download today to continue this exciting journey. If you enjoyed this story about a second chance at true love for a werewolf and a witch, you should check out the rest of the series

The Vampire of the Prophecy
The Prophecy Trilogy Book 3

A choice was made. Now it’s time to reap the rewards…or suffer the consequences…
It was all happening according to plan. Rori chose power over love, and as a result, put himself in the running to be the next emperor of all vampires. Then someone threatened to expose his witch (along with all other paranormal creatures) to humans…unless he gave up his claim to the throne, that is.
That’s when everything fell apart.
The Council has no idea what Rori did to keep Divina safe, and if they find out, the consequences will be deadly. It’ll take all his power, connections, and the help of his loyal guard to protect everyone and everything he holds dear.
But with time running out and enemies circling, can Rori survive long enough to complete the prophecy and maybe—just maybeget a second chance at true love while he’s at it?
The Vampire of the Prophecy is the conclusion of this paranormal romance series: THE PROPHECY TRILOGY. If you enjoyed this story about enemies forced to work together while getting their second chance at true love, find out how this sizzling series began

Victoria Jayne is the epitome of a Jersey Girl. She doesn't [know how to] pump her own gas, enjoys pork roll, and grew up on the Jersey Shore. The only daughter sandwiched between two brothers, she was a bit of a Tom-boy as a child. As an adult, she's lived throughout the state of New Jersey.
She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and from Walden University with a Masters in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling. After getting her undergraduate degree, and while getting her Masters, Victoria worked in the human services field for non-profit agencies providing services for adults with traumatic brain injuries and/or developmental disabilities.
In an online audio/visual chat room, she met her husband, a sports journalist. After dating for several years, they got married, and now have two darling daughters (below the age of five).
Victoria writes contemporary romance. Currently, her published works are of the paranormal romance variety. The world of alpha men, wolf shifters, and vampires have titillated her since high school when she read Anne Rice for the first time. She devoured books by Suzanne Wright, JD Tyler, and Dianne Duvall.
Branching out, she became obsessed with motorcycle club romances when she discovered the works for Joanna Wylde, Madeline Sheehan, Tillie Cole, and Kim Jones. She's currently working on her own motorcycle club series.
When not writing, Victoria enjoys being the play-by-play announcer for her daughters when they run obstacle courses. Baking is a hobby she hopes to pass down to her children as they grow up. She spends most of her evenings unwinding while role-playing on second life. When hockey's in season, she roots for the New Jersey Devils.

Character interview: Aric Braun


What’s your full name?

Aric Edward Braun


Do you have a nickname? (If so, who uses it?)

When I was in high school, Brawny. Like the paper towel guy.


What’s your birthday?

August 12


Where were you born & where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Kenner, LA. My parents weren’t a part of a pack, well, not really. My dad was an alpha in his own right but not a very motivated one. He just liked to stay with his family.


Where do you live now? What made you move there?

The outskirts of New Orleans, LA. On my pack’s territory. I mean, there comes a time when a guy has to leave the den, you know? I struck out on my own and fell into the New Orleans pack. They welcomed me and made me feel at home. 


Do you have any siblings?

Yeah. I have an older brother named Cole and a younger sister, Brenna. Cole went to Colorado, I think. He wanted to get into snowboarding. It’s not something we have a lot of in Louisiana. Brenna’s in college. She’s going to Ole’ Miss.


Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Right-handed, but you have to watch out for those left-handed folks. They aren’t right in the head. There’s an old, I don’t know, rumor or myth, that they are evil or some shit. I wouldn’t have believed in such things if the prophecy hadn’t happened. Now, I’m sort of second-guessing all those urban legends and folklore things.


Do you have a motto? If so, what is it?

To quote the famous philosopher Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Here’s the fun stuff. Are you ready?

Let’s go for it.


Cat or dog?

:Stares: Is that even a question? Next.


Beach or pool?

Beach. I prefer natural things to man-made. Also, that daiquiri thing Divina said sounded really good. Sign me up for that.


Paperback or Hardcover?

Too much clutter to have actual books. I guess if I had to choose paperback. They take up less space.


eBook or Physical Book?

There we go. eBook.


Coffee or Tea?

I’m not much of a coffee drinker or a tea drinker. I guess I don’t really like caffeine. Can I choose neither? Okay, that’s my choice.


How do you take your coffee?

If I have to, like I am balls ass tired and my butt is dragging, lots of milk and sugar. You know, enough to take the coffee flavor away.


Do you have any secret skills? Like, do you sing or dance?

I can cook. I don’t get to do it much anymore. Divina is dynamite in the kitchen, but when I do, I surprise her. I sing off-key, but it doesn’t stop me. I dance okay, nothing spectacular.


Do you prefer talking on the phone or sending texts?

Texts are just easier.


Cake or pie?

Seriously, same wavelength with my woman. Cake.


Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

Nothing. Not a big fan of skivvies. I just like to let the boys breathe, you know?


High heels or flats?

Oh my Gods. When Divina wears heels, it’s all I can do not to throw her down and just… well, you know. They made her ass and her legs look fucking fantastic. It should be a sin. Oh, wait? For me? :Laughs: I’ll stick to flats. I don’t have that sort of balance.


What’s your favorite season?

I like the fall. Summer’s hot swamp ass heat is going away and everything is slowing down, cooling off. The leaves of the trees start changing and then there’s football.


Netflix or YouTube?

I mean, I guess whatever. I find a lot of funny stuff on YouTube. 


Facebook or Twitter?

I’m not really into social media. The pack has a Facebook account, so I guess that.


Mobile Games or Console Games?

Console games all day long. You just can’t get the full picture on those tiny ass screens.


iOS or Andriod?

Android. I never got into Apple products.


Big Party or Small Gathering?

Pack life. We aren’t a small pack like growing up with my parents. I like the feeling of having so many who have my back.


Football or Basketball?

:Sings: “Forward Rebels, march to fame, Hit that line and win this game, We know that you'll fight it through, For your colors Red and Blue -- Fight, Fight, Fight. Rebels you're the Southland's pride, Take that ball and hit your stride, Don't stop 'till the victory's won, For your Ole Miss. Fight, fight for your Ole Miss.” Football. 


What’s worse? Laundry or Dishes?

Dishes. Leave it long enough and the smell is way worse coming from a pile of dirty dishes than it does from a pile of dirty laundry.


Tablet or Computer?

Laptop. I like having a keyboard I can type on and not have to tap the screen when I’m searching.


At a movie, Candy or Popcorn?

Popcorn with all the extra butter I can get. I want to take a bath in it. 


Pancake or Waffle?


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  1. Hi Everyone! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to chatting with all of you - Victoria Jayne

    1. It was my pleasure. Such an exciting trio of books, and the interview was great fun!


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