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Forever Askole Review


Forever Askole

Coletti Warlords Book 16

by Gail Koger

Genre: Humorous SciFi Romance Adventure 

My name is Ella McAllister, I’m a psychic witch and a healer. My life is kinda nuts. Not only do I have the Coletti hunters chasing me, but now I also have a very determined Askole High Commander after me. Why? I shot his ship down and it crash landed, and it blew up. Yep, itty-bitty pieces everywhere. My bad, but his ship was a dead ringer for a Rodan Marauder, and it was my civic duty to blow the enemy spacecraft out of the sky. Wasn’t it? Any hoo, I healed his owies and boogied.

I thought that was the end of it, but oh no. For some unknown reason, Sariel, the Askole High Commander, decided I would make him the perfect mate. As if. I think the blow to his head made him completely bonkers.

Sariel informed me the mating dance had begun and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The idiot had obviously never dealt with a witch before. I didn’t have the time to play games with him, so I did a little abracadabra alakazam and ran.

Sigh. The persistent Askole found me. Now I have a decision to make. Keep running or surrender to the High Commander. He is a damn good kisser.

Would the mating dance bring two lonely souls together? Who knew?

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Rating: Four out of Five Stars

This book is a humorous send-up of the sci-fi romance genre. Earth is a hotbed of activity for various alien races with unsavory motivations. Ella is an extremely powerful witch. While observing a dogfight between the Rodan and the Coletti, she opts to assist the Coletti pilot. During the conflict, Ella mistakes an incoming Askole ship for a Rodan Marauder and brings it down. Realizing her mistake, she rescues the pilot before his ship explodes.

Ella finds the Askole warrior both repulsive and compelling. He has snakelike features and scale-plated skin. Tentacles cover his body. However, he also has a ripped physique and is remarkably well-endowed. When Ella touches Sariel, she is stung by two of his tentacles. She is horrified to learn that he has marked her as his mate. However, as they battle enemies together, a bond grows between them.

Overall, I enjoyed this whimsical story. It addresses some problems with the genre it satirizes in an amusing fashion, such as the trope of a human woman being chosen as a mate by an alien male, regardless of her desire to become such. Ella's campy, over-the-top magical abilities are also entertaining.

Because the story contains strong profanity and explicit sex scenes, it is suitable only for adult readers. However, only readers aroused by tentacle porn are likely to be aroused by the erotic encounter between Ella and Sariel. If my lady bits could scream, they would have when I read that passage. 

To sum things up, this is a well-written takeoff on the sci-fi romance genre. I give it four out of five stars. 

Howdy. My name is Gail Koger and once upon a time I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Too many years of wild requests, screwy questions, bizarre behavior and outrageous demands have left me with a permanent twitch and an uncontrollable craving for chocolate. I took up writing science fiction romance to keep from killing people. So far, it has worked.

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  1. Need a break from the real world? Need to laugh like a crazy person? FOREVER ASKOLE is a wicked, fun adventure!

  2. Thanks for the review it is appreciated!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review of Forever Askole , I love the cover and synopsis and I am looking forward to reading this fun story myself


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