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Almost Heaven Excerpt and Giveaway


Almost Heaven is a dark, emotional tale of how the power of love can heal even the deepest of wounds.

Almost Heaven

Merciless Few MC West Virginia Chapter #1

by M.D. Stewart

Genre: Contemporary MC Romance

Almost Heaven is a dark, emotional tale of how the power of love can heal even the deepest of wounds.

Gunnar "Viking" Anderson

I never thought I’d return to West Virginia, not after my father was convicted of murdering my girlfriend, Hailey. But when my father dies, I’m forced to face the hometown I left behind. I’ve closed myself off to a happy life, content with the brotherhood I’ve found in the Merciless Few MC. That is, until I saved Diana Taylor during a brutal assault.

Diana Taylor

I’m searching for my missing niece but it's Viking who ignites a search for something more. Despite his reservations, he says he can't help being drawn to my strength and unwavering determination to find, and save Mariska. As I fight to break down his walls, I know Viking must confront the demons of his past or we won’t have a future. Am I strong enough to help him heal, and discover that love is worth fighting for?

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Doc nodded and opened his medical bag, pulling out a pair of scissors. I grabbed the doorknob but came rushing back in when her cry of fear rang through the room. Doc had started to cut her jeans. I could hear her begging him to stop as she flailed her arms. 

Diana.” My voice was harsher than I intended. I had to swallow the fear that she would seriously hurt herself. I softened my tone. “Diana, you’re safe.”

Don’t, don’t leave me. I trust you.” Her voice sounded hoarse, deeper than I would’ve expected.

I was just giving you privacy. They need to remove your clothes to clean you up. Doc is, well, a doctor, and the women are here to help. You don’t know me, so I don’t want to embarrass you.”

She opened her eyes, the right one was nearly swollen shut from the large pump knot above her brow. I found myself looking into the most beautiful emerald green eyes I’ve ever seen.

Please. I know you s-saved me. Stay.” I could tell it hurt her to talk. “Don’t know anyone.”

Doc grabbed the scissors and continued to cut her jeans and torn shirt from her body. I tried not to ogle her luscious curves. When I sighed, Doc just shook his head. “Take off her shoes and be careful of her ankles. She might have sprained one or both.”

I did as he asked, trying not to jostle her too much. Her bright red toenail polish was chipped and growing out. Something about the sight went straight to my gut. I was brought back down when I saw her knees. They were red, bruised, and raw. Her shins were pretty banged up too. Fuck.

Now that she’s asleep, I’ll give her wrist a more thorough exam.” He lightly grasped her right forearm, his fingers probed from her elbow to her hand. Even with pain medication, Diana moaned when he got to her wrist. “Without x-rays I can’t be positive she didn’t break something. It’s damn sure swollen. I’ll put a splint on it to be safe. What shape are her ankles in?”

I glanced down, noticing I was rubbing the painful scrapes on her lower leg. I jerked my hand back like she was on fire. I hated to admit I felt like I’d touched the sun.

I’m somewhat of a recluse, living in Southern West Virginia with my husband, three cats, and three chickens. I’ve combined my love of romance with my vivid imagination to create my own Universe. My hope is that my books can transport you to faraway worlds where there's always a guaranteed happily ever after!

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