Friday, September 1, 2023

Friday Book Blogger Special: Two Heads are Better Than One


Book: Hot and Sticky

Story: Two Heads Are Better Than One


Publication date ‏ : ‎ August 1, 2023

Anthology Genre: 
Erotica, Steamy Romance
(various sub-genres)

Story Genre:
Erotic Fantasy Romance (M/F/M)

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Ebook Price:


Hot and Sticky will sail off into the sunset on October 30. Get your copy before it's gone forever!

Lil DeVille will be giving away a copy of the anthology during the Spooky Good Time celebration in Rene's Getaway Party Room on October 28th.

Details for authors wanting to join the fun follow the post. 

Book Blurb:

Celebrate summer with this steamy collection of short stories, perfect for a beach read!

All proceeds will go to ProLiteracy to benefit adult literacy all over the world. Visit their website at

Story Tagline

A summer heatwave, a new moon, and a hundred-year curse lands two sexy, naked dragon shifters on Loralei’s balcony. What’s a girl to do?

Story Blurb:

Over one hundred years ago, an evil sorceress cursed the Turlington brothers to live for eternity as granite statues. Since the conditions of the two-headed dragon shifters’ release can surely never be met, the two are doomed. All they can do is talk telepathically to each other…until another, sweeter voice enters their thoughts. Her penchant for talking to the statues isn’t weird, right? Loralei enjoys sharing and chatting about her day, even if it’s with two strangely handsome, half-human/half-dragon-shaped pieces of stone on her balcony. Except now, she’s lost everything—her job, her car, and her lease. Somehow, spending the last night in her apartment unburdening her soul to her inanimate friends feels natural, even as her heart is breaking with the knowledge that she’ll never see them again. When Loralei triggers a seemingly impossible combination of events during a thunderstorm and blackout, she frees the brothers from their curse. They know she’s the one they’ve waited for—their fated mate. But can they persuade the beautiful Loralei to return their feelings and stay with them forever?

About the Author:

Award-winning author Sharla Wylde has been daydreaming about fantasy worlds forever. Penning short stories was a way to relieve boredom and entertain close friends. Born in Wisconsin and raised in small towns in the Midwest, Sharla now lives in Texas with her family and two dogs who are all supportive of her writing. Reading, watching movies, gardening, and playing ball with the puppers are high priorities. She enjoys traveling and tries to visit a new destination every year, but a reading marathon with sexy hunks is THE BEST EVER ideal downtime. Sharla writes erotic, dark urban fantasy, reverse harem (why choose), and romantic suspense—some a little bit wild (steamy) and others a whole lot wild (erotic). 

Author Links

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The First Line/Book Beginnings

Lightning flashed along the underbelly of the gloomy clouds enveloping the city.

The Friday 56

With practiced movements, the two men worked in tandem.

Book Blogger Hop

1st -7th - Please suggest a book for Billy's 42nd birthday. (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

This book right here, of course! It's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun, and the proceeds go to a great cause.

A Spooky Good Time Event
Information for Authors

Your book does NOT need to be Halloween related just make sure your graphics are Halloween Themed, that's it!
All Romance, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi subgenres are welcome.
Rules are simple:
1. Fill out the form below
3. Ask your readers to join Rene's Getaway Party Room. They will not want to miss this event! It will be so much fun for them to meet new authors, play games and win prizes.
4. Commit to sharing "A Spooky Good Time's" graphics on Social Media and in your Newsletters (including links to the group) leading up to the event. This is a team effort, so please share!
5. Mark your calendars. Saturday, October 28th. Anytime on the 28th, make 1 post in the group. Introduce yourself, tell the readers a bit about your books, tell them what you are giving away, and ask them a question, have them play a game, ask them to follow/friend you, whatever you want to do--but their comment on the post is their entry into the giveaway! You can give away as many books as you'd like! You can also give away swag and gift cards.
6. On Sunday the 29th you will pick your winner(s). Be sure to friend them and tag your winner right under GIVEAWAY CLOSED, so I know that you have reached out and made arrangements with your winner(s).
Thank you!
I will be sending important updates as we gear up for the event, so be sure to check your inbox!

Hope you join us!

Rene Migliore
Personal Virtual Assistant
Rene's Getaway

Please contact Rene, your ghostess with the mostest, if you have questions.

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