Saturday, September 30, 2023

Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge


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I've decided to play along with the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge this year. 

In my case, it's mostly going to be Discombobulated Writers Watching Peril. But DWWP doesn't have the same ring to it as RIP.

Maria Berg of Experience Writing created this R.I.P. bingo card to help participants pick their poison for the challenge. 

And now, I will share with you my biggest real-life mystery.

Where will I find my CPAP mask when I wake up? I take it off when I'm asleep because I hate it.

I can wear it for an hour or two at a time when I'm awake and sitting up. The instant I lie back, it puts pressure on my sinuses and the claustrophobia sets in.

There's a Readers Imbibing Peril website, but their last post was on August 29, 2022. That's all I know!

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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