Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Ornery Owl's Reel Stinkers: Christmas is Canceled


Genre: Holiday, Comedy

Rating: One of Five Stars (A Reel Stinker)

The only slightly likable character in this mess was the female protagonist's best friend. Everyone else was a horrid, self-absorbed narcissist with few to no redeeming qualities. 

I'm far from prudish about salty language, but what passes for humor in this film is pouty jerks slinging potty-mouthed insults at each other. 

The father character, who is around my age, is an embarrassment to parenthood. No matter how good the sex might be, if a guy I was dating ever referred to my son as a "human lump of pus," he would be lucky to survive long enough to run away. But Dad puts up with his hoochie mama girlfriend directing insults like this at his daughter.

This was a dreadful film and I think I need to assess what is wrong with me for sitting through it. Don't waste your time on this stinker. It is the cinematic equivalent of finding horse manure in your Christmas stocking.

Ornery Owl
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