Monday, December 6, 2021

Update 6 December 2021


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Hiya Roosties, hope you're well! Zip down to the bottom of the post if you'd like to join me in listening to a Battle of the Baroque featuring Bach vs. Vivaldi while you read, then scroll back up and check out the changes that I hope will streamline the experience here at The Roost.

As you may have noticed, I'm streamlining the pages header. Initially, it made sense to have multiple categories readily visible, but now I'm working on bundling the subcategories and having only pages for major categories. My first effort was to rein in the Romance category, as it was the worst offender for sprawl.

Now that I have the Category pages up and running, I am going to do away with the monthly Roost Recommendations post. It is too time-consuming and it never received the attention that I had hoped it would. I think there were simply too many items by the end of a month and that tended to confuse people. The Roost Recommendations posts that were created this year will remain in archival form. I will instead feature a WIP post so you can check out what your new favorite authors are working on.

I will be featuring more posts from book tours and individual authors in the coming year. If you have a media kit or a blog-ready HTML post, feel free to query me for a spot. I am more readily able to do a feature post than I am a review. You can contact me at chartley65 at gmail dot com with your query, and I advise also leaving a comment on any post because this is a very busy inbox and sometimes I miss things.

I hope that the new Readers Roost will be better to serve authors and readers alike. My goal is to always improve, offering fellow independent and small press authors a service that I wish I'd had access to while trying to gain my footing as an author. 

I never want to favor those who can afford to advertise over those who have limited funds. Therefore, I will never charge a fee to feature a book on Readers Roost. You can best support my efforts by spreading the word about Readers Roost if you are an author or buying a book through one of my links if you are a reader.

While I do feature multiple genres and I tend to be pretty flexible, I cannot 100% guarantee a spot on Readers Roost. If I've read a book and given it a one-star rating, I will not feature it. I generally don't discuss politics on this blog, but I tend to lean left and will not feature any pro-tRump or anti-vax propaganda. 

While I am not religious myself, I have no problem with stories that have a religious slant so long as they are not overly dogmatic or intolerant. 

It is impossible for me to vet every book that I believe readers might have an interest in and if I only featured those books where I was in 100% agreement with the author on every topic, the offerings on this site would be pretty sparse.

I hope you enjoy the remodeled Readers Roost. I'm afraid it's a bit of a slow process, but I will continue working hard to make your experience better.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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